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MTV 1515 (US, TV)
August 20, 1999

Tori Amos news report/interview

a few Tori quotes from the interview

"[Marcel] He said, 'I don't think you can combine the new stuff with the B-sides because they're from completely different universes.' So it started off as, 'Oh my God, I'm making a new record, aren't I?'"

"I loved being in LA in the '80s, and the decadence was fantastic. Now, in LA, it blows my mind that everybody eats the right thing, you know, they're on the right diets and they do the veggie this and the 'Earth first' that... And then you meet them and they treat people like shit. And you just go, 'Well, wank me off.' Everybody's so PC. I mean, what am I gonna do, start playing African American keys when I'm doing B-flat-minor and the European fucking immigrant keys when I'm in C -- I mean, give me a break."

[Or will the Tori fans be hard to win over for Alanis?]

"No, they're elegant people, they're not tacky. And it's really about the differences, not the similarities, you know."

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