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Little Earthquakes

Lyrics by Tori Amos

yellow bird flying get shot in the wing good year for hunters and Christmas parties and I hate and I hate and I hate elevator music the way we fight the way I'm left here silent oh these little earthquakes here we go again oh these little earthquakes doesn't take much to RIP us into pieces we danced in graveyards with vampires till dawn we laughed in the faces of kings never afraid to burn and I hate and I hate and I hate disintegration watching us wither black winged roses that safely changed their COLOR I can't reach you I can't reach you give me life give me pain give me myself again...

Tori Quotes

My eye twitches sometimes. I was surrounded by the thoughts I smash. They decided I would be a good dinner. I decided I wanted 3 bridges in this song. [Little Earthquakes songbook]

"Little Earthquakes"
January 23, 1997 - New York, New York - The Concert for RAINN

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