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Tori Amos Under the Pink

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Lyrics by Tori Amos

A little dust never stopped me none
he like my shoes I kept them on
sometimes I can hold my tongue sometimes not,
when you just skip-to-loo my darlin'
and you know what you're doin' so don't even

you're just too used to my honey now
you're just too used to my honey

and I think I could leave your world
if she was the better girl
so when we died I tried to bribe the undertaker
'cause I'm not sure what you're doin' or the reasons

you're just too used to my honey, now
you're just too used to my honey

don't bother coming down
I made a friend of the western sky
don't bother coming down
you always liked your babies tight

turn back one last time love to watch those cowboys ride
but cowboys know cowgirls ride on the Indian side
and you know what you're doin' so don't even

you're just too used to my honey, now
you're just too used to my honey

Tori Quotes

"Honey" was going to be on the album, but I knocked it off. But "Honey" was ok with it. She was ok, she really was. We had a long talk about it. Because believe it or not, she's getting great status as a b-side. People love her. So she's getting all this praise because she's a bit of an underground song. She's a bit of a cult song, so she kind of loves this attention. She's getting more attention than she would if she were on the album. I think everything has its place. [Beat - July 14, 1994]

This is my favorite song from Under the Pink. Um, but the thing is, it's not on Under the Pink because it got kicked off at the last minute in mastering 'cause I'm such a dang-a-ling. Anyway, she's my favorite and it's like, you know... [Hey Jupiter live EP - 1996]

There were certain songs that were supposed to be on the record that got kicked off. "Honey" was supposed to be on the record and, in retrospect, I wish it had been. I kicked it off for "The Wrong Band." Under the Pink wept when "Honey" wasn't on, and she still is angry with me about it. [Blender - Feb/March 2002]

I kicked it off the album at the last minute because of a preference that someone else in the studio had for a different song. But I made the wrong decision, because "Honey" was like the blood of Under the Pink. By taking that out, I took out something that had brought the other songs together. And I've since learned that it's not about a vote. Making a record is not a democracy. To be an artist, you have to make decisions, and it's not always about being the most popular person in the room. [Rolling Stone - June 2, 2015]

Live Versions

May 11, 1996 - New Haven, Connecticut (late show)

November 6, 2001 - Salt Lake City, Utah
KJZZ Channel 3, The End Zone

October 15, 2011 - Eindhoven, Holland

May 28, 2014 - Brussels, Belgium

November 2, 2017 - Boston, Massachusetts

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