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Tori Amos Boys for Pele

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Lyrics by Tori Amos

my samurai, said
I'm going to the sanctuary
I knew about my la la love too
my samurai
done making a liar
liar of me when
to be happy
to be you

he says

my samurai
take me down to the
a yeah, to sanctuary
and I'm free
gonna be
you know me
you know me
I said, I'm gonna be
gonna be
you know me

my samurai
taking my face
and she's sticking it on a daisy
and you...


Tori: We gotta cut that one, too.
George: [Laughs]
Tori: I get the Samurai book up and just read words.

piano/vocal: Tori Amos
bass: George Porter, Jr.

Live Versions

"Samurai" / "Tear in Your Hand"
April 10, 1996 - Gainesville, Florida

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