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Lyrics by Tori Amos


For those on the Right
you need to build a bridge
For those on the Left
you must build a bridge
For those in Washington
there is only one question
Is Stalin on your shoulder
Stalin on your shoulder
as he was with his composers

Time to wake
Activate our Native Invader
Warriors of the Earth
it's getting late now
Time to face
those who take
more and more
from our Great Mother
the Mother we call home

Is Stalin on your shoulder

Tori Quotes

Freedom is a fascinating word that's getting used a lot right now, but we have to invade it, because it's being twisted into something that's for a few people, and then everybody else is subjugated, and some of us don't even know we're being groomed. As they say, not everybody knows they're working for the Russians when they're working for the Russians, hence the song "Russia," on the record. [Consequence of Sound - September 7, 2017]

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