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Tori Amos: soundtracks & compilations

Let's Do It Again

words by Tori Amos, music by Andy Gray
from Tori Amos v Andy Gray UK 12" DJ promo

Press release from Worldpop
May 12, 2000

Tori Amos in clubland comeback

Tori Amos' longstanding relationship with club culture is set to explode this summer with the release of a single on which she doesn't even sing.

Amos, whose biggest UK hit to date was thanks to an Armand Van Helden remix, is set to release "Let's Do It Again," a collaboration with Amoebaassasin's Andy Gray in what appears to be out-takes of Tori in the studio, set against banging hard house.

Worldpop understands that Tori's been able to do this record -- which would usually equal breach of contract with her day-to-day record label Atlantic -- because her contract with the label only covers the rights to her singing voice, and her vocal performance in "Let's Do It Again" is spoken word.

The strictly limited DJ white label 12 of the single, currently doing the rounds, paves the way for a full release in June through BPM Records.


Side A: "Lets Do It Again" (Untitled Mix 1)

Side B: "Lets Do It Again" (Untitled Mix 2)

[listen on Soundcloud]

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