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story before "Pretty Good Year"
April 28, 1994
London, England

This boy from the North wrote me this letter about a year ago and it said, "Dear Tori, my life sucks. I don't know what you women want." And I was going, "Hey, this is a good one, I'm gonna read this." He drew a little picture of himself, it's so good, I put it on my piano. I had it like, for months and months and months. He had dirty hair -- you can tell this by his drawing, I'm serious. It was so cute. He had hair to here and he was like, dirty and he had glasses and he was like, really emaciated. And he had this drooping flower that was emaciated, too. It was so cute. And I put it on the piano. And I would look at this from time to time and go back and read his letter. And he would go, you know, "I've tried to hard. My whole life I thought I was gonna be all these things, and now I'm twenty. And it's like, it's over for me." And he goes, "Girls, they want me to be this provider but like, take sculpting classes on Thursdays. And if they don't come four times before I do, it's like I'm a failure." And I'm like, "Dude, it'd be nice..." So, the girls actually say all this stuff. And I started thinking about it. And it's actually really rough, I think, being a guy right now. I mean it. Because it's like, we're taking over. Hey, it's been 2500 years, dudes, it's about time. But anyway, the point is, we don't want to like, drag you through the mud. You know, that wouldn't serve us, either. So the thing is, I read this letter and I had to write this song for this guy. But the whole point is, I know it's rough, but no pity, dudes.

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