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"Honey was going to be on the album, but I knocked it off. But Honey was ok with it. She was ok, she really was. We had a long talk about it. Because believe it or not, she’s getting great status as a b-side. People love her. So she’s getting all this praise because she’s a bit of an underground song. She’s a bit of a cult song, so she kind of loves this attention. She’s getting more attention than she would if she were on the album. I think everything has its place." [Beat - July 14, 1994]

"This is my favorite song from Under the Pink. Um, but the thing is, it’s not on Under the Pink because it got kicked off at the last minute in mastering ’cause I’m such a dang-a-ling. Anyway, she’s my favorite and it’s like, ya know..." [Hey Jupiter live EP - 1996]

"There were certain songs that were supposed to be on the record that got kicked off. Honey was supposed to be on the record and, in retrospect, I wish it had been. I kicked it off for The Wrong Band. Under the Pink wept when Honey wasn't on, and she still is angry with me about it." [Blender - Feb/March 2002]

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