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Caught a Lite Sneeze

“Caught a Lite Sneeze is about wanting to do anything to keep a relationship going, knowing that it’s over, knowing that it’s slipping through the hands.” [The Baltimore Sun - Jan 21, 1996]

“Caught a Lite Sneeze specifically has nuns on it. More, more than nuns. Nuns invoking this myth of the female god energy.”

“It’s really about a relationship. And she’s kinda given herself away, so she’s trying to get pieces back in any way she can. I mean, whoever works at that point. And if it’s Inana or whoever. And if it works calling her in the church, to evoke a little ass, then you go for it.” [Boys for Pele press kit video]

“Then we go on to Caught A Lite Sneeze and she’s still vampiring, she needs that boy blood. You can say you are beautiful, you are enough; when are you going to claim it? You are on the hunt. He doesn’t give a fuck about you; he might have cared about some parts of you but this is not about you. He doesn’t want to work this out with you, your neediness is disgusting him, and you sit around going ‘oh no, no, no, I’ve gotta have it. It’s out there, he has something.’ Anything to just keep it going.” [B-Side – May/June 1996]

“I can write from an emotional level - knowing instinctively, the craft of sensing when a melody doesn’t work, In Caught a Lite Sneeze, I wanted to take the whole rhythm because we’re moving (she sways on the couch) we’re trying to get rid of the possession. The track just stops for a minute and it goes, (sings) ‘Right on time,’ and then right on time our rhythm comes back.”

“Just trying to negotiate on any level - ‘Mr. St. John, just bring your son.’ You know you will not gain strength from this path. You know you will not get peace from this path. But you are addicted and on this path. You just know you need energy from an outside source because you don’t know how to access it for yourself. Now, there’s some energy that I did know how to access, and men would be drawn to me for that.” [Musician – May 1996]

“It’s definitely the bad side. It wasn’t the one that won. My point of view was not the side that won in this song. I think where it shows up on the record, and the whole reason Sneeze is where it is is because, well, obviously, it was definitely malaria. It’s one of those things where you know this isn’t good for you. You know that anything any of your friends say to you just doesn’t mean anything. ‘Don’t do this Tori. You’re crazy. Don’t do this. Why are you doing this?’ You just look at them and say, ‘Oh, I know exactly what I’m doing. Don’t worry. Everything’s just fine.” [WXRT Chicago (radio) – Feb 1, 1996]

"[At Peabody] I ended up training under a nun, Sister Ernestine, who would, you know, bless her, was very kind, but was a much older lady, and was falling asleep during our lessons. And so, I went from studying with some of the most trained professors to a very dark time in my training..." [Studio Q – December 2011]

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