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Triple J Sessions (Australia, radio)
Triple J FM, Sydney
June 7, 1992 (maybe June 20)


Tori Amos live performance

[Tori plays Precious Things]

Tori: Hi, I'm Tori Amos. You're listening to Triple J. This song is Crucify.

[Tori plays Crucify]

Tori: This song I wrote about my dad. Um... I'm really close to my dad... even though we kind of see things differently a lot of the time. He was pretty ill when I wrote this. It's called Winter.

[Tori plays Winter]

Tori: This next song is um... if I could play something in church as my hymn, I think this would be it. It's called Leather.

[Tori plays Leather]

Announcer: Acoustic sessions this week from singer/songwriter/pianist Tori Amos, who started playing around the age of thirteen. From Triple J's Sydney studios, produced by Paul McKercha.

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