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ABC In Concert (US, TV)
June 19, 1992

New Artist Profile: Tori Amos

Live songs filmed April 20, 1992, at The Bottom Line, NYC.

transcript & screen shots

Carlos Santana introduces Tori's segment

Tori Amos: "Me and a Gun" is based on a personal experience and I wouldn't talk about it for seven years. I saw Thelma and Louise and it's like a door opened. And I began to open that door and free myself from being a victim in my head. You can carry that with you for the rest of your life, really, and I've smashed that by writing the song. And I sing it every night. It gets a bit exhausting sometimes.

Tori performs "Me and a Gun" live in New York

Tori Amos: It's incredibly sad to come back to my country. I've just been in Ireland, where people are fighting, desperately fighting, for women to have the right to choose if they want to have an abortion or not. I come back here and I say, "We've worked for thousands of years to have some kind of independence and you see it slipping through your hands." Because the truth is, this is not about children. When you strip away all the layers and you get to the seed, this is not about children. If it were, these people would go to the sewers in Colombia, they'd go to the AIDS wards. There are millions of babies. They're thrown out like trash on the streets, like cabbage. Nobody cares about the children once they're on the planet. They don't care. They walk around with guns and blow each other up. They have no food, they have nothing. Nobody cares about that. This is not about children. This is about having control over a woman's sexuality.

And some women don't want to claim that power because they feel ashamed, they feel guilty. They're torn -- love and lust. Christianity has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with that. Nothing. And it saddens me because these people, the anti-choice people, could be doing so much for the children that are on the planet. This is not about the children. And I refuse to play that game. Because one has to analyze, one must look at what an issue is about. And that's not what it's about. And it really comes down to that. And everybody's bought it.

Tori performs "Silent All These Years" live in New York

Tori Amos: Being a minister's daughter means you get really good poppy seed cake at Christmastime and you get really wonderful dresses and things made by these really nice little old ladies. And you also get an incredible amount of confusion because -- my father is not a fundamentalist Christian preacher, he's what you would think liberal. And he and I are very close. I'm close with my mother, also, but my father, as the minister, you would think that we are at odds. And now that I'm twenty-eight and a half, we've come to a point where we're good friends and we've accepted that we have different views on things. But when you're fourteen years old and you don't know what your beliefs are, you're taking on everybody's beliefs around you and you're making them yours. And my parents are big believers in speaking how you feel. I've gotten to be really, really close with them as I've gotten older, and that's a treasure to me because they are still alive and I can tell them that I appreciate them. Even with their beliefs, they said, "She wants to play clubs, she wants to make records, and she says those things."

Tori performs "Crucify" live in New York

Tori performs "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live in New York

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