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Loveline (US, radio)
KROQ, Los Angeles
September 8, 1992

Special Guest: Tori Amos



Tori: Well, I think that everybody - well, nah, I can't speak for everybody, but I think a lot of people think about intimate relationships with the same sex at one time or another. It's a choice if you want to follow it through. The main thing is you get guilt and shame out of it and you just go with your inner feelings.

Guy: Women tend to experience that consciously more than men.

Tori: I think you're right.

Guy: And they tend to pursue it more than men, too. And there's not the same kind of negative...

Tori: But with women, it's very emotional. It's not really from the sexual point as much as you feel you can communicate and you feel close and you feel an understanding and you feel safe. There are a lot of those feelings sometimes that you don't feel like you can get with a man if you haven't had that right relationship where a man's been open like that.

Guy: Have you yourself ever had an experience like that, or do you even want to answer that?

Tori: Well, either way, I wouldn't say because I don't, I think the people would start reading stuff into my music one way or the other. What I do in my bed is my business.

Guy: Even though the [a poor man?] thinks it's his.

Tori: Yes, of course he does. But that's another story.

Guy: The wheel's turning here.

Tori: I'll talk to him on our plane ride to Italy.

Guy: Where's Kenny anyway? Who exed Kenny?

Tori: But still - let's finish with this lady, cause um, I really respect your feelings in this. And if you're inside and want to find out about this, I think that you should trust yourself.

Girl: Well, can I tell you what the dilemma is? Well, uh, we've been friends for uh, three years, and I just don't want to ruin what we have.

Tori: Oh, so you haven't gotten any signs from her that she's interested in this?

Girl: No, I have!

Tori: Oh, you have!

Girl: Yeah, it's kind of mutual but we're both real scared.

Tori: Yeah, I understand being scared. Well if you go into it though really honestly, do you know what I mean, I think it's like anything else, there's a lot of scary things out there, and the main thing is that we're taught to communicate. We're not taught how to just to just tell each other how we're feeling and to not be mad at each other. It's not what you thought it was going to be.

Girl: Right.

Tori: So, Honesty is the main thing I think in any relationship with the same sex or another sex, it's gotta be hey, let's not judge ourselves so harshly on this, let's not be so mean to ourselves. Let's just be really honest at every moment.

Girl: That's really sweet, thanks.

Guy: Thank you.

Tori: Okay, best to you.

[transcribed by Kristen Loftis]

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