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Night After Night with Allan Havey (US, TV)
on E! Entertainment Television
October 13, 1992

Tori Amos interview and live performance

"Winter" and interview


[Tori performs "Winter"]

Allan Havey: The CD's doing well, this album. Happy about that?

Tori Amos: Well, very happy about it. Just 'cause everybody thought I was out of my mind. For years they told me a girl playing her piano this time was not a very good idea. So, I like doing things that people say is not a very good idea.

Allan: And it must be nice plating at a piano where there's no tip jar. . . . What was it like playing in bars when you were fifteen?

Tori: Well, it was fantastic because, you know, junior high school got a bit boring. It's fantastic because you're meeting these men. Well, I started in gay bars. So, at first I was wondering why they weren't hitting on me. I mean, I was really hurt. Even though you're that age, you go, "God." You're trying to be a woman, you want men to at least say, "Hi, honey, will you play 'Misty' for me?" My dad got hit on, actually, in the clubs. He's a minister.

Allan: So, you're going to Australia?

Tori: Yeah. We'll be there in summer, too, which is good...

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