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The Irish Times (Ireland)
December 24, 1992

Star tracks and pet hates

Joe Jackson nominates eight successful acts from 1992 and asks them to name the first album they'd choose were they stranded at home alone with a CD player on Christmas Day - and the last album they'd want to encounter in such an enclosed space

TORI AMOS - Best new singer/songwriter of 1992. Album Little Earthquakes:

The Parliament Funkadelic Collection on Christmas day would be my idea of heaven. As a very suppressed Christian girl having to go to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and, having endured those services, to hear Bootsy Collins and his like being wonderfully nasty in those songs, would be the perfect counterpoint. It's a Christian girl's dream for Christmas day. In fact I'd love to go to a service and be really subversive by bringing a tape of that album with me.

Likewise, the last album I'd want to hear would be one of Church music! When you go to Church four times a week for 20 years that's a lot of hymns to have absorbed. So please keep away from me those songs by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir where they sing about Jesus. The Jesus I believe in would be listening to Parliament Funkadelic, trying to reconcile the masculine and the feminine, the bad and the good in his soul rather than being boringly "good" and bland.

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