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The Story of Pop (UK, radio)
BBC Radio 1


Presenter - Keith Skues

Keith: ...her own experience of rape.

Tori: I found that after my experience I wouldn't talk about it. I didn't go to any kind of um, help groups. And I didn't deal with it, really, until I was here [in England]. And I saw Thelma and Louise and that just -- I saw in the theatre and I, I literally could not move, I was just a mop. I had a show that night and I stopped by my house to get my ghetto-blaster -- it was, everything was just out of, walking in a dream-state -- and I took it with me and I wrote it in the parking lot because um, I knew that it was time to deal with this.

[a clip from Me and a Gun is played]

Tori: I'm not blaming him now. And, more importantly, I'm not blaming myself. That was the biggest one. When I say blame him, I wanna clarify that, because you have to say at a certain point, "It did happen to me." You know, it doesn't justify his actions at all, but I refuse to stay the victim in my head.

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