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January 1993


Seductive but hardly silent, Tori Amos rises to the top. Success hasn't spoiled her yet.

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos is all for self-expression, in whatever form it takes. "If you want to walk around with a pin in your dick, then pierce it all, baby. But open your mouth. That's the main thing." Dicey words from a scarf-swathed Stevie Nicks revision with a hide-and-seek hit "Silent All These Years," but the 29-year-old chanteuse is anything but predictable. After an embarrassing beginning to her career (the god-awful softmetal of 1988's Y Kant Tori Read), Amos regrouped and reinvented, and the near-gold Little Earthquakes was the result -- introspective, mystical folk that recalled a less earthbound Carole King. Her grueling tour schedule -- four consecutive months of nonstop solo shows -- has resulted in both a growing reputation as a dynamic live performer and an overwhelming longing to be free and clear of the demands and pressures of the road. "I need to get away from music for a little while. I've been on output so much, I need to be on input." When asked what her recreational plans were following the tour's wrap-up, Amos, much like she did in the "Silent All These Years" video, played hard to get. "I'm going to go away with this wolf, and play Little Red Riding Hood." Amos may be hard to pin down, but she's never at a loss for words.


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