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Modern Rock Live (US, radio)
taped in New York, New York
January 31, 1994


Tori Amos interview and live performance

[missing first half of show]

Tori performs Icicle.

Tom Calderone: Tori Amos on Modern Rock live and Icicle

Tori: Yeah. This isn't a real piano, folks, I'm having a bit of a problem. This is not my instrument.

Tom: You ok? Sounded great.

Tori: Yeah, it's ok, but it's very, very tricky, this... 'cause you have a hard time pressing.

Tom: You're fine.

Tori: Thanks, Tom.

Tom: You're fine.

Tori: Well, but you know, I do have a standard here.

Tom: I know.

Tori: I just want them to know out there that this isn't a real piano, 'cause for the piano players out there, they need to know.

Tom: This is like my first Sony, is what you're playing right now.

Tori: Yeah.

Tom: Alright. When does religion come into your life, Tori?

Tori: And when does it go out?

Tom: When does it go out?

Tori: Um, well, ooh. Hmm. As a minister's daughter, you know that I got it shoved down my throat and...

Tom: Is that the way you felt, that it was shoved down your throat?

Tori: Well, yeah, it was definitely shoved down your throat in my house.

Tom: Let me rephrase that, is that positive or negative?

Tori: Well, it makes for some interesting songs, let's put it that way.

Tom: Ok.

Tori: But um, where I am right now is that I wasn't given the opportunity to choose my belief system. Meaning, I wasn't taught, "Here are some ideas and make up your mind." It was, "This is what you believe. This is what a repectable woman is. And this is how she acts. And this is how she doesn't act." So, of course, my idea of a respectable woman and their idea is a bit different, now. I've really given myself permission to express myself. And if I don't get the respect of other people, that doesn't change my day, now.

Tom: Is a lot of self-doubt in your head when you were growing up like, "Well, I'm supposed to be this way, but I'm actually feeling this."

Tori: That's right. That's what was always going on. Um, they're putting this stale wafer on my tongue in communion and telling me this is gonna make me feel a whole lot better. And I'm going, "Um, actually, I'd like to kinda go home and snuggle up in my little bed and, you know."

Tom: Yeah. So right now where you are is kind of figuring out exactly where religion fits in your life, or at least um...

Tori: Well, the institutionalized reliogn isn't working, for me. But I believe in spirit and I believe in a lot of things that aren't maybe taught to us.

Tom: Ok. Good answer. Damien in Chicago, Q101. Hi, Damien, you're on with Tori.

Damien: Hello.

Tori: Hey, Damien.

Damien: How are you doing?

Tori: Very well, how are you?

Damien: Alright. I wanted to ask you um, in Without You I'm Nothing, with Sandra Bernhard, you did backup.

Tori: Yeah.

Damien: And how did that come about and what was it like?

Tori: Uh, the producer, Joe Chicarelli, had produced Y Kant Tori Read, and he was a good friend, and he was producing Sandra. And she had heard the record and wanted me to come sing backups, and so I came and I'm the one doing Little Red Corvette, the "ooh" part. [sings] "Ooh-ooh-ooh." That's me.

Tom: Alissa on KTCL. Hi, Alissa.

Alissa: Hi there.

Tori: Hi, Alissa.

Damien: I love your music and my question for you was, how have you changed musically and emotionally sincee your last album?

Tori: Well, emotionally, the last record was working through a bit more the victim side of things, and this one is about surviving, and just sweeping more stuff out from under the rug, um, dealing with violence between women a lot on this record, having the strength to go, instead of asking myself why I crucify myself, beating myself up, it's like, "God, hey buddy, sit down a minute, here. Put your feet up and maybe you want some advice."

Tom: Yeah, just kinda hang out.

Tori: Yeah, it's been a big growth um, I think, as a musician, the main thing is to just keep challenging myself and pushing new barriers outward. See what I can come up with.

Tom: Can you do Baker Baker for us?

Tori: Yes.

Tom: Alright here, Tori Amos on Modern Rock Live.

Tori performs Baker Baker.

Tom: Tori Amos on Modern Rock Live. Thank you so much for spending this half hour with us.

Tori: Thanks, Tom.

Tom: Appreciate it. And good luck, the new CD is called Under the Pink.

Tori: Yeah.

Tom: And good luck with everything, and good luck on your big three-million-city tour.

Tori: Yeah, right.

Tom: And take a rest between each city. Just relax and stop and smell the roses.

Tori: You think so.

Tom: We'll listen to another track from the brand new CD. This is called Past the Mission on Modern Rock Live.

[transcribed by jason/yessaid]

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