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February/March 1994


by Cindy McGlynn

Our Father, who art in heaven, has been on Tori Amos' mind lately. "God," she says, "I think you need to sit down and you need a babe to help work this out for you." She's addressing the Big Guy directly with her thoughts on increasing His productivity. "And I'm not busy Tuesday and Thursday of this week, so let me know."

This feisty singer/songwriter doesn't pull her punches. Armed with an angelic voice and devilish ability to cut the crap, Amos writes strong songs about women and their world. (Or, in the case of men's interpretations of God, the worlds women have been left out of.)

Inspiration for some songs on her latest release, Under the Pink, was almost diving. For instance, "Yes, Anastasia" was written after Amos was visited by the apparition of Anastasia Romanov, daughter of Russian czar Nicholas II, who was believed executed in 1918.

"I was at the piano to soundcheck, kinda half alive," says Amos, who had food poisoning at the time. "And this apparition appears and says 'You need to write my story.' And I'm like, 'Oh, why now?'"

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