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New Musical Express (UK)
March 19, 1994

(page 3)


by Tommy Udo

UK tour in doubtero

[ Tori-related excerpt ]

Meanwhile, TORI AMOS has come out in support of Nirvana, after the Rape Crisis Federated Representatives Group rejected the band's offer of a substantial donation. Nirvana made the cash offer two weeks before the single 'Rape Me' was released last year.

"Rape Crisis should accept the money for the sake of the victims of rape," said Amos, who has been sexually assaulted. "When I heard the title the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. But then I listened to it. It's about rage, defiance. It's saying, 'Go on then, you'll never break me'."

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[scan by Richard Handal]

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