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Rolling Stone (UK)
May 5, 1994


Tori Amos

Nirvana, "Heart-Shaped Box" - Amazing art direction in that video. People are afraid of beauty and don't associate beauty with rawness. This video was exceedingly tough, yet astounding.

"Led Zeppelin" - I'll listen to Zeppelin any day. I like this box set. Four hours of Zeppelin. That means I can cook and clean during Zeppelin. Laundry, dinner, folding.

Queen Latifah, "U.N.I.T.Y" - Who are you calling a bitch? We're all bitches. But a boy better not tell us that. Love that.

Alice Walker, "Possessing the Secret of Joy" (Pocket Star Books) - I wrote "Cornflake Girl" because of what this book inspired. I feel that genetic memory gets passed down. Walker talks about this. Women have a hard time holding their mothers accountable, because mothers have had such a hard time. It's not about blame, but taking responsibility.

Bjork and Polly Jean Harvey - Bjork makes me think I can jump off rooftops, and Polly makes me want to eat mangoes so I don't stay dry 24 hours a day.

"Red Sorghum" - A movie about the Japanese invasion of China. Until we start exposing ourselves to Asian culture, we cannot begin to understand them. It's a whole other world I'm learning about.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden - My appreciation of male singers changes hourly. I have little woos for an hour, then I'm on to the next one. This very hour it's Chris. But it won't be him in an hour.

e. e. cummings - Very little punctuation. How great. Punctuation is like a breath, a note. I hate exclamation marks. They take away your ability to respond.

Cypress Hill, "Insane in the Brain" - I love it. The song goes well with Thai food. Coconut curry with green chilies. Never red chilies.

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