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WHFS, Baltimore (US, radio)
WHFS, Baltimore/D.C. (99.1 FM)
May 6, 1994

Mother's Day interview

Radio station WHFS interviewed Tori Amos's mother, Mary Ellen Amos, for Mother's Day weekend. There is no known recording or transcript, but here are a few details that were reported:

- Tori played piano standing up until she was seven (of course, when she first started at age 2, she had to sit on the piano bench with phone books stacked on top of it so she could reach the keys).

- Her mom's side of the family (which Tori takes after) is short, her dad's is tall.

- Both siblings are much taller than Tori.

- While touring Europe in 1994, Tori is playing the Normandy Invasion 50th anniversary.

- Tori had an uncle who was shot twice in France during WWII.

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