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July 1995

Tori Amos

How did you come to live on a bridge?

A friend of mine chose this place for me while I was on tour. Two architects built the house and now we've made it into our studio. It's a wonderful place to be because it's in a kind of limbo--neither land not water. When I look out over the canal from the bedroom I can wave to people as they pass underneath.

Why did you choose a bridge in England?

From here I can smell the American South better. When I'm far away from where I grew up, I can remember things more clearly; I can smell those magnolia trees and honeysuckle. A lot happened in my life last year--the bridge is a better place to figure it out than a place where I have so many memories.

Do you have a favorite spot on the bridge?

My favorite place is looking at it from the outside. When I'm standing by the houseboats and walking up the canal, I can see the hole at the bottom of the bridge. I love to watch the boats go under.

Will you live here after you've finished the third album?

No, because I'm a roamer. I like new experiences. Otherwise life is just too safe. But after living on a bridge, I think I want to get on solid ground for a while. Or on water--one or the other.

photos by Steve Pyke

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photo outtakes (not used in magazine)

more photos of the canal flat
(London, England - Regent's Canal - Eyre's Tunnel)

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