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WBCN, Boston (US, radio)
December 12, 1995

Tori Amos telephone interview

Charles: Clear skies, right now, 19 degrees. A vvery special guest this morning. Tori, can you hear me?

Tori: Is this Charles?

Charles: Charles [?] show we call The Big Mattress here in Boston, Tori. How are you doing?

Tori: I'm very well.

Charles: My show's called The Big Mattress 'cause, you know, it's sort of the thing we think of with like all these people waking up, different segments of Massachusetts and New England, waking up and saying, "Good morning," to each other from different towns and stuff. You know, kinda corny and cheesy, but I like it. And we're stuck with it for the next twenty years. And a grammy nomination and two platinum albums under your belt already. The buzz on your forthcoming album, see if I pronounce this right, Tori, Boys for Pele.

Tori: Boys for Pele, yes.

Charles: Great, we're hearing about that. So we're talking about Tori Amos. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Tori to WBCN. Lance Norris is with us this morning, he's my cohort here. Say hi to Tori, Lance.

Lance: Good morning, Tori.

Tori: Hi, Lance.

Lance: Fabulous morning voice.

Charles: Yeah, she does, doesn't she?

Tori: Well, I've been up all night. I've just flew in from London, so... I'm a little groggy, but I'm waking up.

Charles: Now what does the album title Boys for Pele mean?

Tori: Well, Pele is the volcano goddess in Hawaii. And uh... well, you know...

Charles: We were thinking the soccer player.

Tori: Well you can think of that. I mean, it is applicable.

Charles: Which island is Pele on?

Tori: Um, well it's with Mount Kilauea. It's the big island, if I'm correct.

Charles: Still blowing up and it's all black lava.

Tori: Well at the time I was lighting my fingers on fire, I wasn't... I wasn't a very good pyro. But all myy relationships were falling apart at the time. And this is, this record's about me about me finding my passion instead of um, stealing from the men in my life.

Charles: Get concerned that you might run out of personal turmoil to sing about?

Tori: Well, I'll go into animation, then.

Charles: [laughs] I understand the first single from the album, Caught a Little Sneeze, is available on the internet. Can I give everybody that address, Tori?

Tori: Yeah, Caught a LITE Sneeze. Like, liteweight. Like, instead of the flu.

Charles: What did I say?

Tori: Little.

Charles: Oh, ok.

Tori: But lite's a different, you know, it's margarine. Yeah, margarine not butter, babe. Caught a Lite Sneeze.

Charles: Htt, can I give this address?

Tori: Yes.

Charles: http, correct me if I'm wrong, How does that sound? Tori?

Tori: Yes.

Charles: Is that right, did I get it? Do you surf the net?

Tori: I don't surf the net. I'm not, that isn't my world, the computer world. I don't really know much about it. All my crew has, have their little Macs and their dirty little socks and they sit and drink Guiness and with their dirty little socks and play on their Macs and I, it's very cute.

Charles: And they take you and they say, "Tori, this guy asked this," and, "Tori, this woman wants to know," and they just give you all the email information?

Tori: No, actually, they don't um, they don't read the pages that are related to my work at all. They're busy dealing with Schumacher and the Formula One guys. They... they're all wannabe racers.

Charles: No way, really?

Tori: Yeah. I'm really into Formula One, myself. I've put out a message to Schumacher that I would like to just take a spin around the track once. I'd really like to do that.

Charles: ...Who's Schumacher, which one is he?

Tori: He's the one that wins all the races, guys. He's the German, he's the German racer, Schumacher, ya.

Charles: Formula One.

Tori: Formula One.

Charles: This woman is like, totally into this stuff. Ok, Tori, I have to bring in another person here, another support person, I have to bring in a person who's an expert on sports.

Tori: Oh, fair enough.

Tank: Good morning.

Charles: Say hi to Tori Amos.

Tank: Hi, Tori Amos, how are you?

Tori: Is this Tank?

Tank: Yes.

Charles: The big round guy.

Tori: How are you?

Tank: I'm well, thank you. How are you?

Tori: You know Formula One, yeah, Tank?

Tank: Absolutely. Schumacher is the king. I mean, two years ago he won, I think, all but one race. No, all but two races. One of the races, he won it, but he was disqualified. This guy is the driving legend.

Charles: Tori wants to drive in one of those races. She was just saying that.

Tori: No, I...

Tank: Oh, I don't blame you, it's like a $100,000 car.

Tori: I just want to take it around the lap once. What I've offered him is, he can play my Bösey, which is nine feet, and it, you know, in its own way, it's like one of those race cars. These Böseys are really kind of, made by hand and, you know, they're serious.

Tank: Excuse my musical ignorance, but what's a Bösey?

Tori: It's a Bösendorfer piano.

Tank: Ohh, a type of piano.

Tori: Yes.

Charles: Tori, you just got off a point. Let me tell you something, we're supposed to be spinning you around in circles and you're taking us around in circles.

Tori: Well...

Charles: I'm going, "God, why don't I know this? I should know this, I'm the disc jockey here..."

Tank: Are you a fan of Winston Cup drivers as well?

Tori: I'm not familiar with that as much.

Tank: Jeff Gordon is the hot name in Winston Cup.

Tori: Because I've been living in Europe, now, and I recorded all the record over there um, I was only aware of what was on telly there. So the Formula One was, I took breaks and in between the take, if Formula One was on, we stopped, babe, we went and watched.

Tank: Yeah, she watching Sky Sports TV in Europe. Right?

Tori: [laughs] Yeah. Yeah.

Charles: Tori, I have to ask you to do me a favor. I know that you are speaking to other stations across the country this morning.

Tori: You make me feel like I'm cheating on you, go on...

Charles: I can deal, I can deal.

Tank: He's used to open relationships.

Charles: Yeah, I started to tell you, Tori, my family's in Hawaii, and that's where they've been for the last three years and I'm gonna go meet up with them this Christmas.

Tori: Right.

Charles: They, we live there.

Tori: Oh, wonderful.

Charles: Not on that big island where Pele is, because that island there is pretty new and it's blowing up all the time. I mean, that volcano is totally active.

Tori: Yeah, that's exciting.

Charles: Yeah. But one of the things I wanted to ask you about is, would you, could you set up with your people to give us this record first? Um, your new album.

Tori: You know, you can't talk to me about that because I don't get involved in that side of things.

Charles: Oh, ok.

Tori: You know, I don't know how that whole side of things works.

Charles: Yeah, but you know something? Here I am, a disc jockey, and if I, even thoguh I don't know much about how the music industry works, if I, if somebody called me up and said, "Charles, can you get me the new Smashing Pumpkins album," or something, I bet I could get it for them.

Tori: Alright.

Charles: I mean, I don't want to like, really put pressure on you.

Tori: Charles, are you blackmailing me, babe? Don't try it, I've got a Bösey and I'm gonna be in a Formula One soon. I think I can handle this. But, so, have you been the single? What have you been given?

Charles: Nothing, we have absolutely nada.

Tori: Ok, so just... ok. Are you ready?

Charles: Yeah, go ahead.

Tori sings:

Caught a lite sneeze
caught a lite breeze
caught a lightweight lightning seed
boys on my left side
boys on my right side
boys in the middle
and you're not here
I need a big loan
from the girl zone
building, tumbling down
didn't know our love was so small
couldn't stand at all
Mr. St. John
just bring your son

Tori: That's the first part.

Tank: Wow, yeah.

Charles: Thanks, Tori. That's very cool. Are you and that Trent still close? Trent Reznor.

Charles: Tori?

Tori: Well, I've been in Europe for awhile. But friends are friends, you know. You're friends... forever.

Charles: Yep. That's the way I feel. Like some of my friends I haven't talked to in years, and I could just pick up the phone and finish where we left off years ago. Um, anyway, I understand, I want to get to something a little serious if I can for a second, Tori. You have set up a national sex abuse hotline. The number is 1-800-656-HOPE. I wanted to talk about that just briefly, tell people who should be calling that number, and if anyone needs that number. Maybe you could just tell us a little bit about that and then we'll let you go.

Tori: Well, this is a toll-free number and hopefully there's somebody there on the other end of the line, mostly 24-hours, it depends the area you're in. But it connects you to a rape crisis center um, where somebody's there that can give you a lot of information. A lot of people that are calling need nuts and bolts information.

Charles: Ok. 1-800-656-HOPE. Tori Amos, thank you very much for joining us this morning, especially after a long plane ride. The new album, Boys for Pele, is coming out soon. The single Caught a Lite Sneeze, is on the internet or you can listen to it on WBCN. We are told that our record company person will be bringing that song to us like, in seconds, here.

Tori: Or tune into Formula One because maybe that's where I'm going. [laughs

Tank: You enjoy the ride in that Maclarin, you understand?

Tori: Ah ah ah ah ah.

Charles: Boston on tour next year, please stop by for breakfast. Tori Amos, right here on WBCN.

Tori: Ok, guys.

Charles: Thanks a lot, Tori.

Tank: Bye-bye.

Tori: Bye-bye.

[transcribed by jason/yessaid]

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