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WFNX, Boston (US, radio)
WFNX, Boston (101.7 FM)
December 12, 1995

Tori Amos interview

This interview was conducted over the telephone.

Ty Ford: And right now at 8:07 we have Tori Amos on the line. Tori?

Tori: Hey, Ty.

Ty: How you doin'?

Tori: I'm very well, thanks.

Ty: So glad you called in this morning. As soon as we mentioned that you were gonna be on, the phone lines were jammed. "When is she gonna be on, when is she gonna be there." Where are you, anyway?

Tori: I'm in New York City. I just flew in from London last night. And then, I'm very excited 'cause they're bringing in some bagels very soon.

Ty: They're always good in New York.

Tori: Yeah.

Ty: And they're fresh and hot -- and why am I doing a commercial for bagels?

Tori: [laughs]

Ty: "Broadcast sponsored by New York bagels, with the morning guy Ty and Tori Amos." Your first album was huge, Little Earthquakes. It took some time to get huge, but it eventually became a giant seller. The second one, Under the Pink, same way. The new one will be called Boys for Pele. What is this, a tribute to the soccer player?

Tori: Um... well, it depends what kind of mood you're in, really. She's actually the volcano goddes. She's been around a little longer than he has. But um, yeah, this record's about stealing fire. Stealing fire from the men in my life, which I have done um, I can't be ashamed to say. So, it's kind of... it's a passionate little record.

Ty: How do you feel about your cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit now that we look back at it, and then Kurt Cobain is gone? How do you look at it now?

Tori: Um, well my intentions for doing it were because the song, it moved me so much. And... I played it when he did die, I played it as a tribute with American Pie. You know, the um, the part that goes --

Tori sings:

and in the streets the children screamed
the lovers cried and the poets dreamed
but not a word was spoken
the church bells all were broken
and the three men I admire most
the father, son, and the holy ghost
they took the last train for the coast
the day the music died

Ty: Tori Amos at FNX, live. She's in New York City and she's on with us. You were a big Nirvana fan for all time, or what?

Tori: Before it, before they really broke, um, that's when I was kinda turned on to the music. And I was in Europe at the time, so I didn't feel the surge that happened in America. And I just remember um, wanting to go to my piano. It inspired me to want to go and play. I think that's, that's when you know that music really touches you, when you want to go to your instrument and kinda dive off a cliff with what you're hearing.

Ty: Alright, well Tori's here on FNX this morning and she has a new song called Caught a Lite Sneeze. Boys for Pele, the new album. When is this coming out, anyhow?

Tori: I think it's coming out um, 21st of January.

Ty: Wow, this is a nice little sneak preview before Christmas.

Tori: Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak.

Ty: So, I don't understand one thing. I'm looking at the lyric sheet and it says, "I'm hiding it well, Sister Ernestine." You were a Methodist, you were brought up Methodist. How do you know about nuns?

Tori: I know about anything Christian, honey.

Ty: [laughs]

Tori: They baptised me for thirteen bloody years. They held my head way down, baby.

Ty: You're awesome. Tori Amos this morning on FNX. We thank you for calling. I know you got a million things to do today.

Tori: Ok, Ty.

Ty: And a very merry Christmas to you.

Tori: And to you.

Ty: Ok, this is a new song from Tori Amos on 101.7 WFNX and nowhere else.

Caught a Lite Sneeze is played

[transcribed by jason/yessaid]

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