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This Morning with Richard and Judy (UK, TV)
January 3, 1996

Tori Amos interview and live performance

interview / "Caught a Lite Sneeze"

The Cornflake Girl video is shown.

Richard: Well that was a huge hit for you here wasn't it, Cornflake Girl, and you sang that for us, how many years ago?

Tori: That was two years ago, it came out two years ago this week.

Richard: Anyway, your new album comes out in three weeks but your new single came out yesterday and you're going to do that live for us in a couple of seconds. Well, how are you?

Tori: Good, no I'm, this record was a bit blood and guts, you know this one is.

Judy: Is it, the new album, when is that out?

Tori: Two weeks, the 23rd.

Judy: And this song is on it and the new album, we read, was forged from this 7 year relationship you had with someone that has gone horribly wrong.

Tori: It's funny, it's like you know your soulmate, you believe in. And I still think that we are soulmates, but I believe there is more than one soulmate sometimes. And you just grow apart. And as much love as I still have and honour him, besides dragging each others balls across America, you know, there is a level where....

Judy: (laughing) Would you like to phone our phone in?

Richard: Go on..

Tori: The thing is, you just kinda go, where's my passion for myself, where' s my..... I hid behind him, he hid behind me and um this record is about me finding my own passion.

Richard: Do you think all really hot rock songs come from a kind of.. not destroyed passion, but pain. Even if it's pain that leads to happiness.

Tori: But the thing is, when somebody asks me like are you happy, I'm getting to a place of freedom where you can be in sad, you can be in joy and hot and in cold, fully, so that you experience it and to me that makes you alive.

Richard: Well, I have to say that's one of the best answers to a how are you question we've ever had.

Judy: Well, Tori, this is very frustrating as I could sit and talk to you for ten minutes, but you're going to go.

Tori: I'm gonna do my thing.

Richard: We want to hear the whole number.

Tori: Do you feed me, feed the piano player?

Richard: Yes, by hand, grapes and all the rest. Lovely to see you.

Tori Amos performs Caught a Lite Sneeze on the harpsichord and piano.

[transcribed by Lucy Bennett]

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