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Fanzine (France, TV)
M6, Metropole Television
March 6, 1996

Tori Amos interview

transcript by Frederic JAUME

First, there was a short presentation of Tori and her albums. The journalist introduced her as a very intriguing person, and presented Boys for Pele as a sensual and tortured album.

It begins with Tori asking the journalist to do like if he did scales on the piano and slaps him, as he's not doing it well. Tori said her mother said she played since 2 and a half and about 6 hours a day.

Then there were shots from the recording sessions in Ireland. We can see Tori in a wide field of green grass fooling around.

"I'm always trying to get the feel of wind on my face. I'd love to paraglide, to be able to fly off cliffs, I just like that feel."

Then they talk about Louisiana: "What came in, the gospel music, the west Indies, the spices, the sugarcane, the sweet potatoes, all this made up this, an incredible repression and incredible heat."

"My feelings about men are very different than they were because I don't need to drink their blood like I used to."

"You ask any girl on the planet, you know, just the idea of dancing a tango with Lucifer -- and he dances wonderfully, and just gives you a wonderful kiss, has a delicious honey taste of Bordeaux -- I mean, come on, it doesn't get any better than that."

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