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Good Day LA (US, TV)
July 16, 1996

Tori Amos interview with Beverly Cohen

Beverly Cohen: Tori Amos is probably one of the most emotive, and sensual performers around today, but that sex appeal has not made her immune to heartbreak.

(Crucify is playing)

Beverly: When the 32 year old singer wrote on her first album how she was sick of crucifying herself, she said she still hadn't learned how to avoid unhealthy romances.

Tori: I was angry at myself, that I'm crawling to a phone that isn't ringing.

(Talula is playing)

Beverly: But with her 3rd and newest record, Boys for Pele, Amos says she has found freedom. Her album is about sacrificing all the former guys in her life to the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele. What is one of the most frequent reactions that you hear to this album?

Tori: Truth? Women come up to me and say, "I know exactly what you're talking about." Men come up to me and go, "What are you talking about?"

Beverly: She hasn't become a male-basher, she says she's just not so blind anymore.

Tori: Sometimes, um, I have chosen not to see certain characteristics I just choose to make excuses so I put them on pedestals...

Beverly: But with women, Amos says she's never tolerated any nonsense.

Tori: I've just been much more balanced with my relationships with women, because if they weren't honoring me, bye sister.

Beverly: Well it's true not everyone gets Tori Amos, it's hard to deny her powerful and enchanting performance. With the piano her only accompaniment, she sings while looking directly into the eyes of her fans, and she's not afraid of no accompaniment at all, just her voice and her breath, lots of breaths.

(Tori singing Me and a Gun live)

Tori: Sometimes, nothing wants to be there, except breathing.

Beverly: This minister's daughter knows what she wants in her music, and in her man.

Beverly and Tori talking together: Brad Pitt, John Travolta...

Tori: No, think about it, you're out in the middle of the desert, and the car breaks down, and they have to call their agent. I want a guy that can fix the bloody thing!

Beverly: Now she's thinking of having a baby, but don't bother proposing, guys.

Tori: Oh, I'm not getting married. Are you kidding, you think he's gonna get the pianos? No.

[transcribed by Kourtnee Lauria]

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