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Details (US)
July 1996

Pop Psychology
The Details Inkblot Test

Tori Amos

A rabbit with a pom-pom dancing around a Maypole, smoking those Dutch cigarettes that you hand-roll.

A turbanned male-being flexing his muscle, which is connected to a chocolate eclair.

Popeye with a rhinoceros nose aiming a water pistol at a lost cherub.

Spanish flamenco dancers with headdresses, long eyelashes, and long sleeves, dancing for a skull.

The Skeksis in the movie The Dark Crystal, who eat the little elf people and drain their essence.

A chimney connected to chickens, who are blowing on a boot megaphone while riding a skateboard.

Dr. Ingall: This is a person of tremendous imagination and creativity, perhaps a poet with a highly developed visual sense. But Tori's clearly at the anal rather than the phallic level of preoccupation in her development.

* Dr. Michael Ingall is a psychiatrist in Providence, Rhode Island. He was provided with no information about the participants other than their first names.

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