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The Ball State Daily News (US)
Ball State University paper in Muncie, Indiana
Wednesday, September 18, 1996

Amos Suggests To Bring 'Cuddly' To Concert

Preview: 33-year-old singer/pianist will perform Wednesday At Emens Auditorium.

By Ann Votaw

For several weeks, Tori Amos posters have graced walls of local businesses.

Tonight, Amos, her flaming red hair and stream-of-consciousness music will appear in person in Emens Auditorium.

"Bring your demons and bring your appetite for whatever you're hungry for," Amos said in a phone interview. "And bring a cuddly because it's always good to have all three. If you can't bring a person as a cuddly, bring a falsey."

Amos, known for her physically demanding piano playing, has a history of doing the unexpected.

At age five, she entered the classically-oriented Peabody Institute of Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University. At age 11, she was expelled; she had played her own pop-based composition for the Peabody examination board.

At 33, Amos continues to defy "nice girl" standards with soul-searching lyrics.

In "The Waitress," she entertains killing a more experienced restaurant employee. And in "Girl," her pain-drenched voice describes "everybody else's girl" who might one day be her own.

The daughter of a Methodist minister, Amos often defies typical "nice Christian" standards. Biblical references occur frequently. In "Crucify" from her 1991 Little Earthquakes album, she claims she has enough guilt to start her own religion.

Tonight's performance will feature songs from her latest album, Boys for Pele. Pele, the volcano Goddess, is a deity of female empowerment. Tomorrow, she will perform in Indiana University Auditorium in Bloomington.

"I think it's going to be a great performance," said Chad Bosworth, director of public relations at University Program Board. "She's well-liked by students. I've gotten a lot of good responses."

When tickets went on sale earlier this semester, students camped out by the box office, Bosworth said.

Amos performs at 7:30 p.m. tonight in Emens. Josh Clayton-Felt is the opening performer. Tickets are $22 or $18.50 with student identification in the Emens box office.

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