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The Face (UK)
October 1996

Loving you more

by Emma Warren
photo by Elaine Constantine

"Everything is like a fucking Salvador Dali painting with Tori," says Brian "BT" Transeau, speeding down the highway in Washington DC. Tori Amos and BT grew up in the same rural area outside Washington, the first of a series of similarities that started with them achieving childhood prodigy status at the piano, and ended with them signing to the same record label. Now they're conspiratorial buddies: Brian the trance magician, and Amos the intense, unhinged banshee. "I feel like Brian and I are married," she says intently. "Yet we can still have husbands and wives."

"Blue Skies" (released this month, with BT touring England later this year) is the result of Amos improvising over BT's "Divinity" -- further pushing the current creative union between the 808 and the amp. "Tori gave me some fairy dust for 'Blue Skies'," says BT. "And a bit of ass, I hope," says Tori. "I like ass."

Last year Carl Craig remixed Amos' "God", while Armand Van Helden's wildpitch version of "Professional Widow" has become a big club number. "The things we've done," says BT, "are more a merger of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, as opposed to a remix. Tori makes important music, and these guys have translated it into their context."

"A friend of mine turned me on to Carl Craig," warbles Tori. "It's not like they're trying to be the prince that wants to carry me off on his horse. I've got my own horse, honey. And I know how to feed her, and we know how to run. We'll keep up with you, but God I'd love to take my clothes off and go jump in a lake together. But I want my steed afterwards." And who can argue with that?

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