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The Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
KROQ, Los Angeles (106.7 FM)
December 10, 1996


Tori Amos interview

Kevin: Tori Amos is in the house! Off the hook! We'll bring her in next.


Kevin: 9:00, with Tori Amos. Hello Tori!

Tori Amos: Hi, Kevin!

Kevin: Thanks for coming in today.

Tori: Thank you. Hey, Bean!

Bean: Hey! How ya been.

Tori: Really good.

Kevin: You look so well rested.

Tori: ....yeah.

Kevin: You don't feel well rested? (laughs)

Tori: No, I do feel well rested.

Kevin: I was expecting, I don't know why, uh, but I was expecting you to just come draggin your, y'know, your bushy tail in here today,

Tori: Yeah...

Kevin: But you look uh... an old dog.

Kevin: Yeah!

Tori: (laughs)

Kevin: (quickly) Well, I, uh, cause I know because every guest we have goes...

Bean: Ugh, this is so early, I can't believe...

Kevin: And I know what a year you've had. I mean I know how busy you've been and I just figured man, the last thing you feel like doin is another damn radio interview. But you come in here, and your eyes are clear, and you just, you look terrific!

Tori: I had my granola this morning.

Bean: There you go!

Kevin: You look good.

Bean: Is that the key to...

Tori: That's why I'm late. Sorry. But you know, priorities...

Kevin: I understand.

Bean: You gotta eat your granola, I know! You gotta eat!

Tori: I know. Um...

Kevin: You were just telling us during the song that you're essentially done for '96, right?

Tori: Done.

Kevin: This tour was how long?

Tori: 187 shows.

Bean: Oh my God.

Kevin: In how many days?

Tori: From Feb...

Kevin: Fourteen.

Tori: From Feb...(laughs) yeah... close. From February 23rd to November 11th.

Kevin: How many countries did you play?

Tori: Isn't it a bit sick that I know all this information?

Kevin & Bean: Yeah, yes it is.

Tori: Yeah.

Kevin: Well you've probably been really countin the days toward the end, toward it bein over.

Tori: Funny, but you count in the middle.

Kevin: Really.

Tori: In the middle is when you count.

Kevin: Near the end, you realize you're near the end, so it's no big deal?

Tori: Yeah, yeah… it's very... it's sort of like a divorce. You know, when it's... when it's really happening?

Kevin: Right.

Tori: And you... you know the lawyers are gonna come and collect and the whole thing, and he's taking the truck and, you know.

Kevin: (laughs)

Tori: I mean it's really gonna end.

Kevin: (laughs again)

Tori: But in the middle you kinda go, JEEzus.

Kevin: This is forever.

Tori: Yeah.

Kevin: How many countries did you play this time?

Tori: Don't know. Can't...

Kevin: No. Just all over everywhere, though?

Tori: (has been flummoxing at the thought)...that is...that isn't in my...

Kevin: Name the cities in..

Tori: ...calculations.

Kevin: ...alphabetical order.

Tori: Yeah, right.

(Bean laughs)

Kevin: We want the name of each person who paid to see the show.

(Tori laughs, sort of)

Tori: This is, uh...

Kevin: Was this tour any different from previous tours?

Tori: I think I had more fun.

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: Because I wasn't, um... I wasn't like Sc...

Kevin: That was the loudest swallow I've ever heard. (laughs)

Tori: Well I wasn't like Scarlett O'Hara on this one.

Kevin: I'm sorry.

Tori: Before, you know, my whole life was falling apart. Maybe it was because I was bored and I needed... I need to stir it up a little bit. But this time I really just enjoyed playing.

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: I think, this being the third world tour, you know, you... let's be very honest with each other. The novelty goes, so you better like it.

Kevin & Bean: Right. Right, yeah.

Tori: The whole idea about, well this is exciting and it's the first time and people are really coming to hear my music

Kevin: Mm-hm

Tori: (someone snort-laughs) You get over that quickly.

Bean: I hear ya.

Kevin: Right. You're still appreciative of it but it doesn't have the novelty.

Tori: Now it's about you either love playing or you don't.

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: And because it's not about the excitement, or, you know, and you're in a new city, and you're...

Kevin: Do you get the shot of adrenaline when you go on stage anymore or is it just...

Tori: Every night.

Kevin & Bean: You do. Really.

Tori: Oh yeah.

Kevin: A lot of performers come in and they tell us that that is still the best hour of the day, is the one where they're onstage.

Tori: It's the best hour.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah.

Tori: It's the best hour of my life. That's why my relationships usually don't go so well, because I always, I mean the guys are great and everything, but there's... it's just a whole different thing when you walk in front of 5,000 people, and they're giving you this feeling, than this cute piece standing in front of you. It's like, honey... (Kevin and Bean laugh)

Kevin: Nothing personal, but...

Tori: Yeah, but...

Kevin: Well you also...

Tori: Grow a little. (Bean laughs)

Kevin: You also benefit from a different kind of a relationship with your audience than, say, not to name any names, but if you're "Better Than Ezra" you're not gettin the same kinda feedback than you would be if you're Tori Amos, you know what I'm sayin?

Tori: I'm very lucky.

Kevin: Your fans are just great.

Tori: ...being... I... I mean I'm lucky in that, when other musicians come to my shows, they'll go "Jeezus Tori can I borrow your audience?"

Kevin & Bean: Right. Yeah.

Tori: Because they... they are kind of a benchmark for...I'm sorry but they're the best.

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: They really have come to hear music, and it's not about one song, it's about, you know they're not there for the h'ors-d'oeurves.

Kevin: Right. (Bean laughs)

Tori: They're there for the whole thing.

Kevin: Right. We were just talking, uh, earlier, when we got here at five o'clock this morning, there were people downstairs waitin just to say hi to ya.

Tori: W...

Kevin: That's devotion that you don't see

Tori: Well...

Kevin: to most musicians.

Tori: A lot of 'em, you know, on the tours, there would be people that would come for about 30 or 40 shows. You know, you, you have your regulars. You're sayin, hey Dorothy how's it goin.

(Kevin and Bean laugh amazedly)

Kevin: Really.

Tori: Then there's the guy with the steel tip boots and the tattoos and the fairy wings, you know him, he would show up.

Bean: Absolutely.

Kevin: I remember him when we did the House of Blues show.

Tori: Jess is the name? J... J... you know you just, you start to get to know some of 'em and

Kevin: You know, in twenty years you're gonna be like Barry Manilow, you're gonna have the same audience that just follows you around from place to place.

Tori: Watch it, Bean. (laughs) Kevin. (Kevin laughs) (Tori laughs)

Kevin: All right well listen, we want to, uh, we gotta take a break, we're so happy to see you again, we want to find out what else you've been up to, find out what else you're interested in, just find out what's new, we want to talk a little about your charity because of all the charities that we have talked about the last few weeks about the acoustic Christmas shows this weekend, yours is the charity that, I mean, you're the artist most closely identified with any of the charities on the bill because you founded it. You founded RAINN, and we want a talk a little bit about that, so people know where their money's goin, and just kind of catch up with Tori Amos.

Bean: And we have a bunch of phone calls too, already, on hold, that would like to ask you some questions if you wouldn't mind. Tori Amos is here, it's 9:05 on K-Rock.

(commercial break)

Kevin: KROQ Pasadena Los Angeles 106.7 FM, World Famous K-Rock. Tori Amos is with us, and we said, Tori what song should we play? (first few moments of something are playing)

Tori: Well, I think we should do a little wakeup. This is a song called "Professional Widow."

Bean: Please enjoy, won't you, on the World Famous K-Rock.

(Professional Widow plays in its entirety)

Kevin: That's the World Famous K-Rock, 106.7 KROQ. Tori Amos actually, uh, going through the were air-guitaring your own music there for a second.

Tori: Yeah!

Kevin: (voice strained) Now, Tori,

Bean: (sighs loudly)

Kevin: When we asked you what song to play, I have to be honest when I say I wasn't familiar with that particular song. The... F-word in that particular song

Tori: Kevin! You guys gotta relax a little bit.

Kevin: Hey! We're relaxed...

Bean: You gotta understand something. It's not our regulations Tori.

Tori: Well whoever it is, tell 'em to call me, they've gotta relax a little bit.

Bean: All right.

Kevin: All right, there's these five old guys, and they have a little group they call the Federal Communications Commission.

Tori: Do they drink martinis?

Kevin: I don't know.

Tori: You know, have 'em come, I'll play (sings) I've been around the world in a plane, I had a revolution in Spain

Kevin: See now, they would love that.

Bean: Yes.

Tori: Yeah, but see, tell 'em to come over, we'll play a little piano bar music and discuss this. They need to relax.

Kevin: Tori. Why do you have to work blue, Tori?

Bean: You know, it's funny, they don't... they don't come to us and say, Kevin and Bean, how should we relax?

Kevin: No they sure don't.

Bean: It doesn't seem to be one of their... so we apologize to anybody that's offended, but we like Tori Amos, so...

Kevin: If Tori Amos tells us to play it we play it right?

Bean: Although... not again. I mean, we wouldn't again if she told us to play it. (all laugh) We've certainly learned our lesson this time.

Tori: No but, you know what I mean, there's a... just a level of poetic license.

Kevin: Right.

Bean: Right.

Tori: There's just certain words that you can't s... wr.. you know, replace.

Bean: Funny! While we're talking about licenses, that's what we're going to lose Tori. (Tori laughs) And Tori, then the next time you come to town we will not be available for you to broadcast on.

Kevin: Tori. Here's the part that you're missing. We're with you.

Tori: OK.

Kevin: We see things

Tori: I take...

Kevin: the way you see things.

Tori: Look, I take full responsibility, Kevin and Bean had no idea what this was, and you know what, this is the way I see it. The idea here is

Kevin: This should be good. (K & B laugh)

Tori: No! This... this is really how I see things.

Kevin: Uh-huh.

Tori: I see myself as a writer,

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: I see myself as, you know, you don't wanna listen to this, *turn the station*.

Kevin: Right. That's great advice for our audience. We love that.(Bean laughs) We (Tori starts giggling) especially enjoy that.

Tori: No, but...

Kevin: Tori, we like you. We're...

Tori: OK.

Kevin: We're fine with it.

Tori: OK.

Kevin: And! Let me tell the audience something that I didn't know until you told me, that was a #1 dance record.

Tori: There was a remix, and it was the #1 dance record in the world.

Kevin: Last thing you expected, was to ever be a #1 dance artist?

Tori: Disco slut, baby.

Bean: There you go!

Tori: Last thing I expected.

Bean: There you go.

Kevin: I'll take some phone calls. We have, uh...yeh, you're gonna need to put your headphones on.

Tori: OK.

Kevin: We're gonna take some calls. You got a volume control down there. But try and control your potty mouth

Tori: (embarrassed laugh)

Kevin: Is that possible, or is that part of your freedom of expression? (B laughs)

Tori: (uncomfortably) Ooooo. (inhales sharply)

Kevin: All right, let's start with uh, Erica. Hello Erica.

Erica: Hi!

Kevin: Hi, you're on with Tori Amos.

Erica: Oh gosh, I am so excited. I have a question to tell you, or ask you actually, first, but um...I wanted to tell you I'm actually doing a presentation on you today so I'm really glad that I got a chance to talk to you.

Tori: Well I might be in the jail.

Erica: (confused) Oh really?

Tori: So come find me...

Kevin: No, no, they don't care about you, it's us they're takin down. (T laughs) What kind of... what kind of presentation are you doin?

Erica: Um, actually I'm in a Women In Music class. And um, we had to do a presentation, well we had to do a report, and she's my favorite artist, so...

Kevin: And what are you gonna say about Tori? How does it work? Do you talk about specific songs, or what?

Erica: Well um, I'm just gonna kind of talk a little bit about her life, and how she's been influential to a lot of women, and she's a real positive female artist, so..

Tori: Thank you Erica.

Kevin: That's pretty nice, huh?

Tori: Do you play yourself, are you a musician?

Erica: No I'm not, I'm an artist.

Kevin: A drawing artist?

Erica: Yes. An illustration artist.

Kevin: Do you put the F-word in every painting you make? (B laughs)

Erica: No I don't. (K laughs)

Kevin: All right, here's what we need you to do. Put her on hold for one second. Put her on hold for a second.

Bean: All right.

Kevin: Here's the deal Tori. We pair of tickets left today for...for the show this weekend, for Friday night. I think it's for Friday night, right?

Bean: Yeah.

Kevin: For Friday night's show, to see you. We're gonna take all these calls and we want you to pick someone to give the tickets to. I know it's hard, I know it's hard because you hate to choose between your kids, but we only have one pair we have togive away.

Tori: Oh, that's terr...

Bean: I know. I know.

Kevin: Yes it's horrible for us to do to you just to...

Tori: Then you know what I'm gonna do? We're gonna have to write their names down and then I'm gonna have to pick 'em out of a hat. Because I... I can't, you know what I mean?

Kevin: You can't choose? OK we can do that.

Bean: We can do that.

Tori: No. I can't.

Kevin: That's fine.

Tori: Why do you think I'm still single?

Kevin: (laughs) Can't make decisions? (T trills her tongue) All right so that's what we'll do, so we'll take down your name and phone number...

Tori: No I make, no Kevin, I make too many decisions.

Kevin: I see.

Tori: that's the problem.

Kevin: Got it. So someone that talks to Tori on the air this hour, we'll make it everybody we talk to while Tori's here, will win the tickets. That's how we'll do it. We'll just do it randomly, from your fans.

Bean: All right. Yeah.

Kevin: 'Cause they'll get to see you Friday night.

Tori: I'd like them to know that, yeah.

Kevin: All right, fine.

Kevin: Uh, Catherine.

Catherine: Yes.

Kevin: Hi there.

Catherine: Hi!

Tori: Hi Catherine!

Catherine: How are you Tori?

Tori: I'm really well how are you.

Catherine: I'm really happy to be talking to you. Um, I have been a fan of yours for years and I admire you so much for the way you've overcome what you've been through because I've been through a lot of the same stuff you have and listening to you for like all these years have helped me like a lot and um I just wanted you to know I really admire you you're one of my role models.

Tori: Well I just want you to know Catherine that we're doing the 800 line -- we can talk about this

Kevin: Yeah! It's a good time actually.

Tori: I -- I -- I know what she's referring to.

Kevin: Sure.

Tori: Um, RAINN is the Rape Abuse Incest National Network and the number is 1-800-656-HOPE.

Catherine: Mm-hm.

Tori: And I've joined forces with um, Calvin Klein

Catherine: Oh really?

Tori: He's come to help out RAINN.

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: So what's happening is, um, in mid-January we're doing a, a show on Lifetime Television which will kick off a whole campaign. And if you wanna be a volunteer for RAINN

Catherine: I would love to

Tori: 'Cause you know they need people to help out on the phone line, line, it'll really be going, I think, in January. Even though the number's working now, we're just kind of gearing up.

Kevin: Right.

Tori: So...

Kevin: Now what happens if a girl calls? What uh, what do...what can you do for 'em? I understand it's somehow...they call this number but it's tied into their own city that they're calling from, is that right?

Tori: What happens is you, you uh call this number and you get a main switchboard. And then that will um, direct you to the closest rape crisis center near you.

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: A lot of times there are questions j...for instance, somebody'll say, OK I'm 15 years old. The perpetrator's in the household. Um...what are my rights? What can I legally do to get out of this because, you know how, how can I survive without being on the street?

Kevin: Right.

Tori: So things like that. Things like 'I need counseling, I...'

Kevin: Just knowledge and information.

Tori: Yeah. Or 'I need to see a doctor' or 'what's happening to me' or 'I'm... I'm depressed and I... and I can't wake up in the morning and, and leave the house.'

Kevin: Mm-hm

Tori: 'So, what can I do?' And RAINN is really about helping to take you to your next step. It's kinda like the Emergency Room.

Catherine: Yeah.

Tori: So, Catherine, the whole thing is, um, January 24th when this airs, they'll be uh, you'll call this number, and you'll be able on your menu, if you wanna be a volunteer,

Catherine: Mm-hm

Tori: There'll be a certain button you can push and you'll be helping a professional in your area. And it doesn't have to be all the time. And it's guys too, if you wanna help, if you feel like um, you know, you wanna be involved, you'll be helping somebody that's, that's, um, trained.

Catherine: That'd be great. I have one more question for you. Um, when do you plan on going on tour? Through LA or...

Kevin: Don't even ask her that.

Tori: Oh jeezus.

Catherine: Please?

Kevin: Friday night.

Tori: No, I'm doing a...

Catherine: Oh I know, I can't go to Friday's show though.

Tori: This is the last show really for a while. After the benefit I'm kind of um...

Catherine: Oh really.

Tori: I'm...

Kevin: You're toast aren't cha.

Tori: I'm, I'm over. For, for a while.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. All right, thanks Catherine. Hey thanks, OK? Be sure to give us your name and phone number.

Bean: Alllll riiight!

Kevin: All right, that number that Tori mentioned for uh, and it's January 24th on Lifetime TV?

Tori: Yeah.

Kevin: It's taped the day before though?

Tori: Yes.

Kevin: 1-800-656-HOPE. To help, or if you need help.

Bean: It's called RAINN and this is one of the charities that Friday night's proceeds

Tori: Right.

Bean: are benefiting. One of the reasons we wanted to have you in.

Kevin: All right...

Bean: Let's take a quick break and come back. We got a bunch more calls Tori if you don't mind !

Tori: (pause) Fine.(K and B let out the breath they were holding in)

Bean: OK.

Kevin: OK. 9:21. (commercial break)

Kevin: KROQ. And Tori Amos is with us at 9:24.

Bean: The unpredictable and dangerous Tori Amos is in the studio with us.

Tori: Oh please, please.

Kevin: We're gonna take a... we're gonna take a bunch more calls at 1(800)520-1067. Um, we wanna play some more Tori music while she's here. Although your album has been out for a while now, you still have new music comin out, like this thing we're about to play. What uh, what's this all about? What can you tell us about it?

Tori: Well, my friend BT called me up. And he goes, um, Tori I have this track, and just do whatever you want. So, it was during a soundcheck a few months ago, and we were running late, and you know the union guys were standing around huffing and puffing and, and uh, frowning and you know just being

Bean: Jerk...

Tori: Altogether uncheerful.

Bean: Right.

Tori: And so, I put my headphones on and I started listening to this track and it was so depressing and I just sort of made up this thing (sings) Blue Sky in my head... (stops) and I just started singing and I kinda you know finished the thing and I went "well that sucked" (B laughs) and I said, Brian look, I really tried but I don't think it's any good and he calls me back, he goes "I really like this Tori!" so I said well, knock yourself out.

Kevin: And how can you buy this? It's on his album? Is it just a single or...

Tori: No, this is coming out on BT's album.

Kevin: On BT's album. All right.

Tori: And he's a lovely person.

Kevin: And it's called "Blue Skies" on K-Rock.

("Blue Skies" plays in entirety)

Kevin: It's the World Famous K-Rock, 106.7 KROQ. That is BT and "Blue Skies" with Tori Amos on uh, vocals.

Bean: 9:29.

Kevin: Hey uh, Tori we had a listener call us yesterday when uh we had mentioned that you were gonna be in and they wanted me to ask you about the Jawbox cover version of "Cornflake Girl" that's out. I have not heard it yet. Have you?

Tori: Yeah I have heard it. It's...

Kevin: How is it?

Tori: Well you know what, the great thing about it is, when you have a band that, um, covers one of your songs, and their style is so different from you, I get a new perspective on the song myself. It's really the greatest compliment that can happen as a writer, when somebody else wants to do your work, especially when they have a different take on it.

Kevin: Mm-hm. Have you been covered much?

Tori: N...

Kevin: Some artists are tough to cover.

Tori: Not really.

Kevin: Yeah.

Tori: I mean, I hear that there's this um, transvestite down in Florida named Daisy Dead Petals, (K & B laugh) which is after one of my B-side songs. (K & B laugh) And they say she does me better than I do me.

Kevin: That would be a little sad.

Tori: They say "really, you know if you're gaining a little weight Tori, or if you start getting slovenly, you need to get this babe in there. Because he/she is really

Kevin: Terrific.

Tori: fantastic.

Kevin: You have always had great taste in cover versions too. And I wanna mention, while we're talking about new product that you have out, your fans know this, but that VH-1 Crossroads album, you do a terrific cover of "I'm On Fire," the Bruce Springsteen song.

Tori: Thank you.

Kevin: Did a really nice job with that tune. So. Let's take some more calls. Do you mind?

Tori: I don't mind.

Kevin: 1(800)520-1067. You gotta put those headphones back on. If you wanna talk to Tori in uh, our remaining time. All right; Lisa. Good morning.

Lisa: Hi! I'd like to say hi to Tori, first of all. How ya doin?

Tori: H-hi. Is this Lisa?

Lisa: (giggles) Yes, this is Lisa.

Tori: OK.

Lisa: Hey, I wanted to lay some admiration on you. First of all, I think that, you know, your work with RAINN is really a godsend because we can't really appreciate how many people have gone through such a life-changing experience, and that you offer such a... oh gosh, I'm so nervous... such a relief for them, you know, such a relief. Because I know, you know, I have a friend who really has gone through a lot, as regards to this and, there's one question I really want to ask. With your music, is it an emotional release, your music that you make, for you, because of what you've been through?

Tori: Ummm... I think I understand things better after I write a song.

Lisa: Yeah.

Tori: A lot of times I really don't know.

Bean: It helps you work through it yourself?

Tori: Yeah, I begin to see what I'm really thinking. You know, because there's the outward way that you think you should think.

Bean: Mm-hm.

Lisa: Yeah.

Tori: And you think you should feel about something. And then all of a sudden this um, (laughs) green pea soup starts coming out of your ears and your mouth and you go, ughh-hh-hh that's what I really think. (K & L laugh) And then you kinda get beyond that and you go God, you know I really didn't wanna admit that I cared so much about this. Or, you kinda go, you know, I'm really a bit nasty. (L giggles) I mean, there's a part of me, you know, I've been a bit evil to this girl.

Lisa: Yeah.

Tori: So I think what's important is that it's a place where you can kind of um take the veils away and the cobwebs and you can sort of get to those cute little spiders and see what's going on. I mean I... the one thing I just wanna say about RAINN, is that the whole idea of it, it's not uh... people who are uncomfortable hearing about it, I just wanna say, this is about healing.

Lisa: Yeah.

Tori: It's about, you come in... once... the first step really of healing is you acknowledge that something...

Lisa: Has happened?

Tori: Has happened to you. And you know, it's not about judging what the event is, because a lot of people say to me, well you know a friend of mine went through being put in an oven and beaten for ten years of their life and I really don't feel like I have any right, and you know,

Kevin: Right.

Tori: You can't start judging your experience: if it's affected you, whatever it is.

Lisa: Right. Mm-hm.

Tori: This isn't, like I've said, the Billboard Chart 100 of who ranks...

Lisa: Yeah.

Tori: in experiences here.

Kevin: Not a competition.

Tori: Yeah, it's not competitive.

Lisa: No, no.

Tori: So if something's affected you and you don't feel like um, you've been heard, and you wanna talk to somebody and you want it confidential because you don't, want your friends going 'well you know that's nothing', or 'that's not this' or...

Lisa: Yeah

Tori: Or, 'Oh I'm just so sorry but get on with your life and shut up'

Lisa: Yeah it's...

Tori: You know you, you, there is a place where you can go and I think that's what RAINN's about.

Lisa: Yeah that's, that's why I really appreciate it because you know my friend has heard a lot of that, a lot of 'well get over it, it happened a long time ago' and it's really difficult for her, and I mean she's, she has a lot of nightmares even to this day and it's really...

Kevin: People don't get over some of these things their whole lives. I mean, when you're talking about rape, incest and abuse, between...

Lisa: Yeah.

Kevin: Between the three of those it affects so many more people than I think most of us realize.

Tori: I think what, what we have to just kind of understand here is that, that's part of your weave. is part of your tapestry, what makes your life. You, you don't have to pretend that it never happened. But the idea is, when you're working with people that really know how to take you to your next step.

Kevin: Right.

Tori: is that it's not all you are. It's not controlling your life. It does make you see life differently when you've been in an abusive situation. It will make you see things differently.

Bean: Right.

Tori: And it will make you act differently, because you either pour more, pull more abusive situations to you or you become abusive, or both. So it's really important to go, "OK hang on a minute, this isn't a bad thing, that I have to admit this to myself. It's a, it's a strength to be able to say, 'there's something here in my heart that's really hurting'.

Kevin: That's uh, very well put. Hey, we appreciate the call.

Lisa: Hey!

Kevin: Did someone take down your phone number?

Lisa: Can I ask one more thing?

Kevin: Oh, we got...

Lisa: Pleasepleasepleaseplease...

Kevin: ...we got plenty of people who have many many questions. Hold on and we'll take down your phone number and we'll do a drawing for tickets for uh, Party in the Pit on Friday night.

Tori: Thanks, Lisa, OK?

Kevin: Yes, thank you. Uh, Erica, hello !

Erica: Hi, I just wanna say good morning to Kevin and Bean and Tori.

Bean: Hi, I just wanna say Tori you have to come in every day, we've never had so many women callin us, this is awesome!(K laughs) Usually we have (growly voice) "Rrrr, Kevin & Bean, rrr, let me talk to Bertram." This is so cool. Erica, what are you calling about?

Erica: Well first of all I just had a, basically a comment. I wanted to let Tori know what an amazing inspiration she is to me. Um, I'm a writer too and whenever I have writer's block or anything I just put on one of her CDs and it helps me with that

Bean: And you steal some of her lyrics

Erica: Oh sure (laughs) Well, I'm a different kind of writer than that, but also I wanted to let her know that I have a, um, an English professor in college, a man, who's 70 years old, and he just thinks you're great Tori. He loves your music, and he's tried to incorporate some of it into um, a class that I'm taking that's on the history of rock and roll? And he just thinks you're just an amazing performer.

Tori: Where does he teach?

Erica: Um, I go to Cal State San Bernadino?

Tori: Oh, I love 70 year old Englishmen.(all laugh)

Erica: Yeah, they're great.

Kevin: Tori is dating John Gielgud. (Tori laughs) I don't know if you knew that or not. (Tori laughs) It's not in all the tabloids yet, but I can break the news...

Tori: No, I really I... I really love um, some of those wonderful literature professors. They're just a wealth of information, and they have so many stories, and they've got so much wisdom.

Kevin: And they have the jackets with the patches on the elbows, those are neat.

Tori: Yeah but we love that.

Erica: Yes, he does.

Kevin: That's a good look. And the pipe.

Tori: Tell... tell him, if he ever wants a good cup of tea, I'll try. OK?

Erica: Yeah, he's, he's, he's borrowed a bunch of my videos, and my CDs, 'cause he just thinks you're wonderful.

Tori: Well, send him a big "Hi".

Erica: I will.

Kevin: Th-thanks Erica. Hold on. (to Tori) You, uh -- do I have this wrong, have you spent some time living in England too?

Tori: Yeah, six years.

Kevin: Six years? You been...

Tori: On & off.

Kevin: You still live there, or do you live nowhere?

Tori: Yes I do. Well, I live nowhere, but whenever I need to kind of hang out,

Kevin: Mm-hm.

Tori: I go hang out there.

Kevin: Mm-hm. How famous are you in England?

Tori: You know, it's... it's...

Kevin: Is it about the same? About the same in America?

Tori: Yes, it's fine.

Kevin: So it's not like you live over there to kinda get away from everything, you just...

Tori: My friends are in England.

Kevin: Right.

Tori: I mean I've, I've, after being there for six years, I think I've developed kind of a, a bit of a home.

Kevin: Mm-hm. But I, uh, I always hear, uh, from celebrities that live over there, that it, that it's a little easier to, to be famous over there than it is here.

Tori: People, they just approach it differently, they um, because they're more know. I mean it's just one of those things. A Martian could walk in the tube and everybody'd go, (uppercrust British accent) "Ooh. Is that the green thing. Don't look. Don't say anything." (Kevin and Bean are laughing) "I'm going to read my paper."

Kevin: And they'd leave it alone.

Tori: You know, they're, they know, there could be a gorgeous naked woman standing there and everybody would just be sitting there.

Kevin: Well, well let's not get crazy.

Tori: No. No, there is a, there is a reserve.

Kevin: Definite reserve, yeah.

Tori: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, am I being told that she needs to go, do you need to go,is that the story?

Bean: Is that the story? Some guy with a British accent: The train's leaving we've got to go now.

Tori: Oh, the train's leaving with the Martian and the naked woman on it. (Bean laughs)

Kevin: So we have to, we have to say goodbye to you then until, until Friday night.

Tori: Well we -- we have to draw -- we have to draw the--

Kevin: We have to draw the winner.

Bean: All right. Courtland's got the little piece of paper right there.

Tori: And there are fou -- four right?

Kevin: Four callers.

Tori: Mix -- mix them up, mix 'em up.

Bean: These are the people who

Kevin: Tori if you don't know what order they're in what does it matter if they're mixed up?

Tori: No because it's like Vegas, it's like cards, you do it properly.

Kevin & Bean: OK, all right, all right.

Tori: OK.

Bean: And...

Kevin: This means Tori hates all the people who didn't win.

Tori: Oh, this is really hard.

Kevin: That's what this means.

Bean: 'She hates us'.

Kevin: And, who's the winner?

Tori: Lisa.

Kevin: Is Lisa still on the phone?

Bean: I don't think so. Is she still on the phone, I don't know where she is. We'll call her back we have her phone number.

Kevin: All right. Do you uh, are you down with the bill on Friday night, you know who you're playing with? At Universal Friday night Tori, have you heard?

Tori: I think I have, but, yeah...

Kevin: 'Cause I'm gonna tell you and I'm gonna tell Lisa and everyone listening. Night #1 of KROQ's seventh annual Almost Acoustic Christmas features Tori Amos, also Fiona Apple, Tracy Bonham, The Cardigans, Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Jewel, Poe, Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLachlan, all on one bill.

Bean: That is a phenomenal lineup.

Kevin: Tickets will go on sale tomorrow night a seven o'clock at the usual places; in fact we can fill you in on all that information later in the half hour if you want.

Bean: And the proceeds are, uh going to RAINN. Some of the proceeds are going to RAINN, so.

Tori: Yeah, that's great, guys.

Kevin: So Friday night we'll see you. And uh, it's been a real delight to catch up again.

Tori: Thanks guys.

Kevin & Bean: Yeah/Thanks Tori.

Tori: I'll see you soon.

Bean: 9:38.

[transcribed by Kim H.]

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