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Raygun (US)
December 1996/January 1997

Tori Amos

"It's about making choices for the right reasons," says Tori Amos who recently launched Igloo Records, a subsidiary label for Atlantic. "It's not about being an independent label and being a big player and shmoozing at the Ivy, or wherever the fuck they go. We shouldn't sign people unless we understand them and they understand us."

Amos, whose Igloo label has so far only released a debut album from Pet, says "I can't stand it when I hear something that blows me away, and people shit all over it and no one gives it a chance. Well, wait a minute, I can do something about this. At least I can put it out there. At least these artists get a chance without having to get a face lift or a nose job."

"That doesnt mean I dont have arguements with them. Believe me, I have had arguements with Pet over certain principles and they have argued back."

"Madonna is such a great business woman that it staggers me sometimes. Will she find the next Miles Davis? I don't know. But she has a savvy for what is commerical."

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