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Spin (US)
April 1997

The Spin Top 40
The Most Vital Artists in Music Today

Number 13: Tori Amos

Rock's most intensely beloved -- and despised -- cult figure gets identified with every artistic excess, from her inscrutably elliptic lyrics and swooping vocals to a spiritual child mysticism that rivals Anne Rice. But comparisons to peers like Sarah McLachlan or Fiona Apple shows what Tori Amos has the confidence to do without: mushy vocals and instrumental overdubs, generic balladeering. Boys for Pele, her this and most experimental album, produced no hit singles, barely went platinum. But it was as fierce and personal as the norotious inside photo of Amos clasping some live bacon to her bosom; how long, her songs ask, must I suckle these pigs?

photo by Anette Aurell

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[scan by Sakre Heinze]

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