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OffBeat (US)
New Orleans music and entertainment magazine
December 1997

BackTalk with George Porter, Jr.

By Alex Oliver

[Tori-related excerpt]

You just finished working on a new Tori Amos record, correct?

Yes, we just recorded that last month in a little town up in Eastern England. I played on her two prior records, so this will be my third album with her.

How does that go, when she hires you on is she looking for that signature George Porter funk bass, or does she dictate more of the sound she's looking for?

What happened was, we overdubbed all of our parts to Tori's existing, completed tracks. Myself, the drummer and the guitar player were the last guys to come in. I let the drummer put his parts on first, and then I would come in and just play from start to finish by myself. Then she'd come in and we'd go through it and find parts that fit with what she was hearing. We'd kind of go through it a verse at a time and find out what worked and what didn't work. Generally, I just play what I felt worked well with the parts. There are probably only a few signature George Porter things where you can sit down and listen to the record and say, "Oh, that's George Porter." Most of the time, when I'm playing on someone's session, I'm very much trying to make what I play fit with the music. I tend towards being able to play in all the musical fields. I like playing, and I consider myself a musician's musician, I don't just play funk. Hey, if they've got a country and western session out there, I'll play it, and not only that, I'll know how to play it.


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