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Hello! (UK)
March 7, 1998

Tori Amos, American Singer Gets Married

American singer Tori Amos has married her British boyfriend, sound engineer Mark Hawley, in a private ceremony in West Wycombe. Known for her heart-rending, confessional lyrics, Tori has a reputation in the music business for being kooky and once said of herself, "I think I'm certifiable." She opted for a medieval theme for her wedding, arriving at St Lawrence's Church in a traditional white dress and a stunning floor-length silver cape.

She was given away by her father Dr Edison Amos, a Methodist preacher from North Carolina. Local Reverend Martin Gillham conducted the ceremony and there was plenty of music during the service, from Bach to Irish pipes, but surprisingly no singing. Two torch-bearers led the bride and groom to a horse-drawn carriage and they were then whisked off to a nearby reception.

Tori arrives at the church with her father Dr Edison Amos, a Methodist preacher (far left), for a ceremony in front of 160 people. The happy couple after the service (above). They lead the way as guests follow two monk-like torch-bearers through the darkness (above left). Tori shares a kiss with her new husband Mark as they leave the church by horse-drawn carriage (left).

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