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Later... with Jools Holland (UK, TV)
May 22, 1998

Tori Amos interview and live performance
Songs: Spark, Black-Dove (January) and Cruel


"Spark" / "Black-Dove (January)" / "Cruel"


Jools Holland: You got a very good new LP out called Choirgirl Hotel. Where does the name Choirgirl Hotel come from?

Tori Amos: I just saw the songs this time really independent of each other, so I saw them in a singing group.

Jools: So the songs are the members of the choir?

Tori: Yeah. They hang out together.

Jools: Now, when you were small of course you learned classical piano, but who were some of the groups you enjoyed listening to?

Tori: Well, always Led Zeppelin.

Jools: I'm very glad you said that because, as coincidence would have it, we have some footage of early Led Zeppelin.

[cut to footage of "Whole Lotta Love" -- Tori whispers to something Jools and points to the screen as it fades out]

Jools: What was it that you loved about them?

Tori: Well, I always wanted to be a guitar player, as a piano player. You know, I would sit at this thing [the piano] and try and find ways to like, make it... do what...

Jools: Disort?

Tori: Yeah, do all that stuff.

Jools: Go wild...

Tori: I've done everything I can to it, but at a certain point, you know, you just have to accept that this ain't gonna do what Jimmy Page does, so... I started stealing from him.

Jools: Did you ever see them play live?

Tori: No, I never saw them play live, but he did ask me to marry him a few years ago and it was fantastic that I could say "no."

Jools: Which one?

Tori: Robert Plant. It was like, great, because when I was eight, I...

Jools: He asked you to marry him when you were eight?

Tori: No, no, no, no. No, but when I was eight, I wanted to marry him. But what's so great is you grow up and you go, "Wow, he's fantastic," but you're sitting there going, "Well, no, I don't think I can really do that because it doesn't really fit into my plans."

Jools: "We haven't been formally introduced or anything like that." Had you been introduced?

Tori: No, I did a duet with him.

Jools: What, and after doing the duet, he just proposed like that?

Tori: He... yeah, but I think he proposes 20 times a day. It's not a big deal.

Jools: Well, what's the next song you're going to be doing for us in a moment's time, so to speak?

Tori: It's called "Black-Dove."

Jools: Well, we'll look forward to hearing that in a few moments time, but in the meantime, thank you very much for coming on. Tori Amos!

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"Black-Dove (January)"



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