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Veronica (the Netherlands)
Dutch TV magazine
May 23, 1998

Tori Amos
Festival fever

Looking like a pinkpop hero.

Backup Klantenservice
Translation: "Backup" customer service
("Backup" is an extra section in the TV guide with info about
fashion trends, interviews with musicians, etc.)

[left, one third from above]
Lycra truitje fl.49.95 en jurk fl.119.95 van Miss Selfridge.
Tasje fl.29.90 en kettinkjes fl.6.95 per stuk van H&M.
Slippers fl.129.90 van Tango Shoes.
Lycra shirt, $19.83, from Miss Selfridge
Dress, $47.63, also from Miss Selfridge
Handbag, $11.87, from H&M
Bracelet/Chains, $2.76 each, also from H&M
Slippers, $51.85, from Tango Shoes
(Miss Selfridge, H&M and Tango Shoes are clothing/shoe shops)

[right bottom]
Gekleed als een Pinkpopster
(alleen voor echte fans!!!)
Dressed like a Pinkpop star
(only for real fans!!!)
Starlike airs

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