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Velocity (TV)
May 1998

* TV special with interview clips, concert video clips from 1992, and interviews with fans before the 1998 Sneak Preview Club Tour.

A very special evening with...

All interview clips are from the Choirgirl Press Kit video except these:

interview clip 1

I was reading an interesting book recently and it talks about female composers over the past few hundred years. And I was reading it, and I got a chuckle to myself because I haven't heard of them. And I know a lot of composers. Being a pianist, you have to learn a lot of material, to just get your requirements down, if you're studying piano in school. So, you'd think I'd be exposed to a lot of music, which I have, actually. And yet I haven't heard of most of these female composers that have lived, for hundreds of years. And that's because it truly was not open, composing, to women, unless they went under a male name. So, once you know that, that in this century is really when that door has opened, step by step, and ground has been broken, from your blues singers, eventually into your writers, you know, the Joni Mitchells of the world that broke a lot of ground. And then, of course, the Patti Smiths, the Joan Armatradings. And when you think about it, you begin to see how, step by step, years have -- let's say, of turning stones over, piece by piece, until a big deluge has happened. The dam has finally broken. So, I think a lot of us are benefiting from what the other women before us have chiseled away and chiseled away until the bridge finally got blown up.

interview clip 2

You gain a lot, I think, from, not necessarily working with people, sometimes having a cup of tea. I've had a few cups of tea with Polly Harvey. And I think sometimes, just on a human level, you can gain a lot and share because you're being real with each other for a few minutes. And Peter Gabriel is good to have a cup of tea with. There are a lot of wonderful people out there, and yet, a lot of times, it really is over a cup of tea. Or an Indian meal.

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