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Entertainment Weekly (US)
June 26-July 3, 1998

The IT list: The 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment.

Tori Amos
"The Siren"

Age: 34

Why her?: Despite - or because of - her penchant for dense, piano-based songscapes and all-but-ineffable lyrics, this Gen-Next Joni Mitchell has a cult whose members live to ponder "What makes Tori tick?" Her latest, from the choirgirl hotel, may be her most challenging yet.

Work habits: "You know how in that Warner Bros. skunk cartoon where that girl skunk comes and the boy skunk smells her scent and he's just off? That's what happens: This girl skunk comes, and whether she's a song, a rhythm, or whatever, I'm just following her."

Recurring dream: "I'm always dreaming that these bulls are chasing me. Half the time I don't get away - I almost get over the fence, and then they gore me."

Next?: She's touring through November, backed for the first time by a hard-rock band. "Girls are pressed up to the front of the stage and ready to take their shirts off. I'm like, 'That's okay girls. I'm not Axl Rose.'"

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