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Daily Herald (US)
Chicago, Illinois, newspaper
Friday, July 17, 1998

Tales of life's struggles strike a powerful nerve with Tori Amos fans

by Mark Guarino

"Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask" could be the title of Tori Amos' life story. Suffering through fudamental Christian upbringing, a rape, a miscarriage and time spent in an LA hair band Y Kant Tori Read, Amos and her music have been an open book. Alternatives rocks own Yanni, Amos' piano confessions have hit a collective nerve among fans. Sunday, the 34 year old UK resident is at the Rosemont Horizon, enjoying her first ever arena tour to support her album "from the choirgirl hotel" (Atlantic)

Q: Do you think an artist has to suffer for thier art?

A: The truth is every human has to have a depth of experience to get wisdom. There are not a lot of 21-year-olds with wisdom. There are some because some have had more experiences. But if you haven't looked inside your heart, you don't necessarily know what you're made of unless you have been tested.

Q: Being so open with the press and your public, do you think that takes away from your music?

A: I think it does. It's like 'oh, her again.' I think most people don't know I can be real fun margarita buddy but it just doesnt come across. (laughs)

Q: Is there a time when you feel 'oh, I don't want to share that'?

A: Well, sure. I think I write about stuff that interests me. A lot of what interests me is kind of dynamic of what's going on either between two people, not everybody wants everybody to see, but what's really going on, and that's always fascinating. But sometimes I think if you're not into what you're doing, you probably won't be into what I am doing.

Q: So one is intergral with the other?

A: I like to think sometimes you can sing along with it, but if I'm doing my job correctly, hopefully it is going to make you think certain things. And I've found that some people don't want that out of music, and I've had to respect and understand that some people really, really want to be entertained. But you see, thats entertaining to me -- the hidden dynamic I've found is a barrel of laughs -- especially at the Christmas dinner.

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