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August/September 1998

From the Choirgirl Arena

We caught Tori Amos a few years back at New York City's Beacon Theater, and she shook us all night long -- right down to our spiritual and sexual foundations -- like, we imagined, Prince used to do when he was Prince. Now touring behind her latest, From the Choirgirl Hotel, the Cornflake Girl faces the daunting task of connecting on a personal level in impersonal arenas.

Amos acknowledges that she's not playing "somebody's living room" anymore. And while she is performing a few acoustic numbers for intimacy's sake, the shows are, for the most part, "a buckle-your-seat-belt kind of thing."

"It's a girl on her piano that found some boys who she digs, and the wine is good," she says cryptically. Translation: You've gotta see the show because Amos has got a brand new band, which beats a solo, harpsichord-humping babe any day.

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