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The End Sessions (US, radio)
KNDD "The End" Seattle, Washington (107.7 FM)
September 11, 1998

Broadcast on September 20, 1998


Tori Amos interview and live performance

Tori performs Sister Janet.


Tori: Thanks guys. This next song I wrote in like, um not a lot of time, because this girl was so horrible... and she lived above me. We lived in these tiny little places in east Hollywood... and she said something to me, she was listening to my music one day and she said um... I was just begining to write Little Earthquakes, and I hadn't written this one yet, and she said [Tori's voice goes higher and using a smart-assed type tone] 'You know you should really do something like the Indigo Girls.' And I was going, 'Well, why do you think I should do that?' And she goes [in that smart-assed tone again] 'Well, 'cause you know it's like really good music and stuff and I can really understand what they are saying.' And I'm like, 'But you're an idiot!' And the thing is, I like Amy and Emily, they are very nice, but this girl um... is just... you know... she's... she's... she's... smegma. That's not a cuss word Tim [radio station guy] I know they can put that out, I know they can put that out. The Christians can't get me for that one.

Tori performs Leather.


Tori: So I was uh, we were in Cornwall and we were hangin out, a bunch of us. And um, the great thing is that we always had a saying 'it's 6 o'clock in the world somewhere' and that means you can have a drink. You know, when you think its too early to drink, we don't drink that much. That depends on who we are comparing ourselves to. But we have a European way we look at thinks, its not like we never kind of go to work... I can't play the piano if I'm doing anything cause I can't find it for one thing... and then once I'm sitting on the stool I still can't find it... So um, there was a time when we would decide it was 6 o'clock and it was like 9:30 in the morning. And um, one time we were having this moment and my friend Tam was telling me a story about a girl named Besty Brown who used to torture her and come up to her [Tori giggles] ..that's the thing she used to come up to me and go [in a fast frenzy type voice 'Hi I'm Betsy Brown, do you do judo? I do judo!'. And I went into the studio and thins kinda happened.

Tori performs Purple People.


Tori: I had written this thing and I couldn't get the first line...I was in France with my friend Beenie, I go alot of places with my friend Beenie. We were with another friend of hers and her mother, anyway... Two of them were having an argument, so I decided champagne for everybody was a good idea. And thats what you do in France, and it was like, after lunch, so thats good... that's improvement. And um, anyway they make very good champagne, we had Krug and if you know if you ever have that experience... just like... even if you have to steal it... it's really worth the experience. So okay, I sent champagne around because everyone is arguing, and Beenie comes to like update me on the fighting on who's winning. And so um I'm standing at the top of the stairs in a schmoozy suite, I'm embarassed to say, but I was. And so we're standing at the top, and she goes 'lets go out to the deck and talk about this. So it's one of those round stair cases like they have on the Love Boat. And so I'm in these Prada (?) platforms, and um, I'm at the top of the stairs and I fall [Tori giggles] all the way down stairs cause I trip on my platform shoes, it serves me right. So I trip all the way down and I lie flat on my face, and I swear to Christ... I'm lying flat and my nose is like taped to the rug, and I said 'oh Beenie, I need more champagne, this is so horrible'. But I laid there and I go 'oh my god Beenie, oh my god, I have a first line.'

Tori performs Playboy Mommy.


Tori: This next song, should have ended up on the album, Under the Pink, and I'm sure you've heard me tell this story, but it litterally was on the album, but I threw it off in mastering which is the final stage. That's sort of like... you know, you just don't... do that. Thats one of those moments, that if you are ever in this circumstance you need to say... you know what? I'm going to go have some nachos... and I'm going to sit down and I'm going to come back tomorrow. Because when you do something like that you are a total idiot. So this is my favorite song probably on that album, and nobody got to hear it, so here it is.

Tori performs Honey.


Tori thanks the crowd.

[transcribed by Danica]

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