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WEND, Charlotte (US, radio)
"The End" 106.5 FM, Charlotte, North Carolina
Kenny and Wilson, the Morning Alternative

November 16, 1998

Tori Amos telephone interview

Wilson: Wilson here on the morning alternative, and we are joined right now by Tori Amos, Tori, how ya doing?

Tori: I'm well, Wilson, how are you?

Wilson: I'm doing just fine, we're here in Charlotte, North Carolina, it's great to have you on the show again.

Tori: Thank you.

Wilson: And YOU, from what I understand, are getting ready to do this new MTV show called Revue, what's the story on that?

Tori: Um. Oh my God. I, I really, um. I got very nervous when I did that!

Wilson: Yeah?

Tori: Yeah, its... I've never done a show like it and um...

Wilson: It sounds like its there's never really been a show like it before.

Tori: No. I think it's called "Watch Artists Pee In Their Pants!"


Tori: You sit there and um, you know obviously, um, you know I write songs, and that's how I kind of tell, tell things, so when you have to talk... and be more like a comedian or more like a stand-up or um, somebody doing a monologue, it was really quite challenging. Especially since there's no audience, so there's nobody really to work off of.

Wilson: There's no audience?!

Tori: There is no audience.

Wilson: Oh, that had to be tough.

Tori: You were there... you were there with a camera crew.

Wilson: Now, you've got a video compilation coming out.

Tori: Yes I do!

Wilson: November 17th I believe it is.

Tori: These are all the videos. Um, a lot of the kids that were coming to the shows said, "You know, I've never seen this, I've never seen that... And I've made over 15 videos since 1991.

Wilson: Yeah.

Tori: I'm still paying them off! And so I decided, you know, most of these have never been shown, for whatever reason. Some of them are really funny, MTV has made me change half of them. And so I'm putting down all the videos, unchanged, the way that I really saw them, with the directors, and I just figured it would be a fun thing to do.

Wilson: Who would you like to perform with, that you haven't had the opportunity to?

Tori: Ummm... Who's that guy? Mr. Poopy. Who's that guy?

Wilson: Oh, from Southpark?

Tori: Mr. Hanky! Mr Hanky.... yeah... Voice in the background: Hidee ho!

Tori: How can you not want to perform with him?

Wilson: What kind of a song would you do with Mr. Hanky? Um thats, you're scaring me now...

Tori: No no no, no potty talk... I told Dave Matthews no potty talk. When we did this thing for, I tell you that guy, he looked at me and he is one of the funnier people I've, I've met in my life, Dave. And um. And he looks at me at one point, and, and you know I can't talk about any of that stuff, I just, I just can't. And he looked at me and said, "Tori, I am body."


Tori: And I just didn't know what to do! I just ran out of the room!

Wilson: Wow.

Tori: How, did we get there. Let's....

Wilson: Let's totally change that right now. Now we are here in Charlotte, NC. You have some North Carolina roots.

Tori: I do.

Wilson: Don't you?

Tori: Absolutely I do.

Wilson: Ok good, sorry there...

Tori: Denver, Newton, Conover.

Wilson: That's right.

Tori: Just down the road from you.

Wilson: Just down the road from us, anything you'd like to say to anybody? Any of your fans here?

Tori: I have lots of cousins, I want to say hi to my cousin Martha, I love her. And uh, Emily and Diane, and... They're really great. I'm very close to my cousins who are still there. And I have a brother who lives in Carolina now, so...

Wilson: Oh, ok.

Tori: Yeahh...

Wilson: The RAINN organization, what's the latest on that? What can you tell me, what's going on there?

Tori: We've had over 200,000 calls from people. And it's really doing well! It's the good news and the bad news that there's so many calls, but, um, I really feel good about the way that the organization is working, and there's some great people that are part of it, they're really really dedicated.

Wilson: Great, great. And um, the number, for RAINN?

Tori: The number is 1-800-656-HOPE, H-O-P-E.

Wilson: Wanted to make sure you got that out there. You're on tour? Good luck on your tour, we're going to be looking out for the show on MTV, MTV Revue, with Tori.

Tori: Ok, Wilson.

Wilson: And also your video compilation. Thanks a lot Tori!

Tori: Ok, hon. Bye bye!

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