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WFNX, Boston (US, radio)
WFNX, Boston (101.7 FM)
December 13, 1998
recorded on November 17, 1998

What the Hell is this?

Hosted by Tori Amos

Announcer: 101.7 Boston's Real Alternative presents "What The Hell Is This?" This week Tori Amos takes over the FNX air waves. It was just last month when Tori was in town to play the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, when she came by the FNX studios to hang out for a while, went through our master list of songs and went crazy. So, I think we should turn it over to Tori. It's Tori Amos on "What The Hell Is This?"

Tori: Hi, this is Tori Amos, and you're listening to Boston's Real Alternative 101.7 FNX and um, I'm gonna be playing some of my - well, they were some of my favorite songs this morning over coffee anyways as I was looking through the list. So this is just um, sort of how I'm feeling today. Um, we're gonna start with Beck, somebody I really like as a person, and um, I have this thing about hairdressers so here we go.

[Plays "Devil's Haircut" by Beck]

Announcer: WFNX.

[Plays "Isobel" by Björk]

Tori: Hey, this is Tori Amos and you're listening to "What The Hell Is This?" I'm playing some songs that sort of hit me this morning when I was having my coffee and I was looking through the list. You just heard Björk with "Isobel" [in a really cute accent, I might add]. I was in um, God I don't know where we were. We're in a different city every day - I'm starting to think they're all um, behind the Iron Curtain in America somewhere. But I was walking down the street and there was Isobel Street and I just started singing this, and it sort of um, flashed in my mind this morning. This next one you're gonna hear, I just always adored this song. Some of you will remember it, um, I used to have wild margarita parties with Beene, and we would uh, dance around the room. Here you go, The Breeders.

[Plays "Cannonball" by The Breeders]

Announcer: Boston's Real Alternative 101.7 WFNX.

[Plays "I Fought The Law" by The Clash]

Tori: Hey there, this is Tori and you are listening to 101.7 FNX. On the show "What The Hell Is This?". Um... let's see, I'm back selling this song, hehehe, that was The Clash um, "I Fought The Law". Um, I hang out with a lot of Brits um, they're part of my crew and I wasn't Really into the Clash until I started to understand what was going on in England at the time. And uh, its made much more sense to me now, now that I know that. Um, you're about to hear, what are they about to hear? [Murmuring in the background]. Oh I love, absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Um, I think its a favorite with a lot of people, this has always been one of my favorite bands. "Lullaby" by the Cure.

[Plays "Lullaby" by The Cure]

Tori: Hey, this is Tori Amos and you've been listening to "What The Hell Is This?" on Boston's Real Alternative 101.7 FNX. And we'll be back really qui-really soon.


Announcer: Welcome back To "What The Hell Is This?" on 101.7 FNX hosted by Tori Amos.

Tori: Hi. This is Tori Amos on 101.7 FNX and um, I wanna play something by somebody who's a really special person. Um, I've always liked her and her music. And um, this goes back a little bit for P.J. Harvey, "Dry."

[Plays "Dry" by P.J. Harvey]

[Plays "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead]

Tori: Hi, this is Tori and uh, that song is something I used to listen to when we were making Boys for Pele in Ireland. I would go uh, out driving, I love to go driving just out on my own, and uh, I would just listen to that song over and over and over again. Radiohead. You're listening to "What The Hell Is This?" on FNX. Um, now I think it'd be kinda good to break things up a bit. This is something that um, I was talking to one of the DJs about. We just wanted to hear today. Rage Against the Machine - this is called "Freedom."

[Plays "Freedom" by Rage Against The Machine]

Announcer: 101.7 FNX

[Plays "Spoonman" by Soundgarden :]

Tori: Hi, this is Tori Amos and uh, this song, I tell you it holds something special because of somebody named "spoon" on the crew. So we always - this is his theme song, really - um, everybody knows that was Soundgarden aaaaaaand... where are we going now you guys? This is my first day as a DJ everybody so be patient I'm just trying to follow the numbers here... oh! We're going to a commercial break. Toodles! Be back soon!


Announcer: Welcome back to "What The Hell Is This?" on 101.7 FNX hosted by Tori Amos.

Tori: I'm playing some songs I kinda just felt like playing today... Um, Kate Bush has always been somebody that uh, has been a frontrunner in music. Um, I've loved so much of what she's done. One of my favorite albums is Hounds of Love. This comes off this album - "Running Up That Hill."

[Plays "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush]

Announcer: Boston's Real Alternative 101.7 FNX

[Plays "Birthday" by The Sugarcubes (Despite the fact that Tori says the song was "Hit." It is possible they made some kind of technical error...)]

Tori: A bit of Icelandia here today. Um, a place that I really love but I get yelled at by everybody because um, I was supposed to take a certain person with me. And he will never - he will never let me forget that I didn't take him with me when I did a show. Uh, Johnny who's my tour manager - the Spoonman. Um, but we love Iceland and anybody who's interested in going there, they have the most amazing Danish. And you can usually find Björk running around up there somewhere. Especially if you're playing she'll just show up and be the magical "creature" (said in the same funny way she pronounces the word "creature" when she introduced Matt Chamberlain on stage during the plugged '98 tour.] You just heard um, Björk with the Sugarcubes "Hit". You all've been listening to "What The Hell Is This?" on Boston's Real Alternative 101.7 FNX. Thanks for hanging out with me today. I'm gonna wind this up with a final song, something that um, I don't know just cooler than cool. This is when Tricky was hanging out... I just adore this... Tricky and Massive Attack, "Caramel Karma."

[Plays "Karma Coma" by Massive Attack (with Tricky)]

[transcribed by Meghan]

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