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Rolling Stone (US)
May 13, 1999

Amos to Release Three-CD Set

Tori Amos is checking back into the choirgirl hotel: The singer plans to release a three-CD set in early fall. The as-yet-untitled project will include two discs of live material culled from Amos' 1998 U.S. tour and a disc of all-new material, which Amos is currently recording near her home in Cornwall, England.

Amos' 1998 tour was her first with a backing band. Her manager, Arthur Spivak, says Amos was so pleased with the results that she decided to document them. "It was a special tour, and she taped the show every night," he says. "Plus, there are hundreds of bootlegs out there, so she decided to give something back to the fans, instead of watching them get ripped off."

Of the new songs, Spivak says, "She got on a roll in the studio, and the songs just fit with the live material."

Amos plans to release a single from the collection in mid-August, prior to pairing with Alanis Morissette for a five-week U.S. tour. Spivak would not confirm the dates, saying only that they "looked likely," but promoters and agents contacted said the tour is a done deal.

-- Matt Hendrickson

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