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Rolling Stone (US)
July 8, 1999

Tori Amos / Alanis Morissette

There are two things that Tori Amos never leaves home without when she hits the road: good food and better wine. "There's a chef here [near her home in England] that makes a killer Greek meal," says Amos. "I'm bringing him on the road. Alanis put me in charge of food and wine. I'm hoping she handles hair, because I'm not known for having any knowledge on that end."

And the vino? "I have some good Tuscan 1990s that I've been saving; some great '96 whites from France; I'll do a bit of California," she says. "But we never drink before the show - only and always after."

For the twenty-six-date arena and amphitheater tour, each chanteuse will play a seventy-five minute set, preceded by an opening band plucked from the Web site. "We want to give some of these bands a chance," say Amos. "They need to have a shot."

Each show will be broadcast live on the tour's web site, with attendees able to write on-the-spot reviews at computers set up at the venue.

Amos is currently mixing her new, as-yet-untitled album, which will be accompanied by an extra disc of live material from her 1998 U.S. tour. But don't expect to hear a ton of new material. "I'm not going to bore anybody," she says. "The record won't be out until the tour is over, but I always put new stuff in, and the set changes every night. The light guy rolls his eyes at me, but at least he can't do as much crack."

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