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Live X (US, radio)
WNNX, Atlanta (99.7 FM)
August 21, 1999

Taped at APC Recording Studio. First broadcast on September 24, 1999.


Tori Amos interview and live performance

Leslie (99x DJ): Thanks for coming out to Live X. Please welcome, Tori Amos.


Tori: Hi, everybody. How are you doing? Good? So, um, I'm gonna play, even though the band's not with me and I'm here with Little Bosey today. She's...this is my...she's the baby. The big one's down at Lake...where am I playing? Lake who?

Audience: Lakewood.

Tori: That... Okay, so, um, I was gonna do a couple of new songs on the record... just at the piano. I've never done 'em like this before, but why not? I'm feeling a bit funny today, so... Uh, this is... this is something called Concertina.

Tori performs Concertina.


Tori: So, um... if you could, sweetheart, if you could give me like another DP on the reverb? I'm a little That would help me. So are you guys doing well? Are you good? I'm sure interesting things have been happening to you. Just... Anybody want to know anything? You can ask me anything.

(mumbling from an audience member - I think he asked what she would be doing for her birthday)

(laughing - funny face, maybe?)

Tori: Well, I'm working. I'm doing a show in Nashville. But hopefully, um, later, I'm gonna have a good bottle of wine and a good shag.


Tori: O.K... so, 1 1/2 K, can you give me that?

(singing, sounds like tuning of piano and intro to Take to the Sky, maybe)

Tori performs Take to the Sky.


Tori performs Cloud On My Tongue.


(piano playing, intro to Sugar, maybe)

Tori: This is off the, uh, live record. I do it with the band. But um, I wrote it actually when, um, I was in England years and years ago and I had to come up with a b-side really quick. And this wonderful being had passed on to the other side... he had died. And I didn't know what in the world I was gonna do and I heard this voice in my head. And I was going, "Freddie, what are you doing in my head?"

Tori performs Sugar.


Tori: So this is a ballad from the new record, um...anyway...

Tori performs 1000 Oceans.


Tori: Um, this'll be my last song. This is... is that good? This is from the new record. This is called Lust. And, again, I'm just alone at the piano on this one, but why not?

Tori performs Lust.


[transcribed by Dawn Goodman]

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