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live online chat
October 2, 1999

live online chat with Tori Amos

Moderator: Please join us on Saturday at 5 PM Pacific Time (8 PM Eastern) to chat with Tori Amos!

Moderator: The chat with Tori Amos will start in 15 -20 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

Moderator: The chat with Tori Amos will be starting in about 10 minutes.

Moderator: Deb: Are you performing in Austin? Is it nice?

Tori Amos: Yes it is I am at the Backyard, curled up on the couch. I am going on stage in about an hour.

Moderator: Mike: Why did you record your album in England and do you live there?

Tori Amos: We have a studio there.

Tori Amos: it is called Martian Engineering. It is in is an old barn. It is kind of like our workshop with no pressure from the outside.

Moderator: Pixie: If you could say one thing to the people who come to the shows (or admire you from afar) what would it be?

Tori Amos: If you enjoy your show part of it is because of you.

Tori Amos: And if you don't enjoy the show, part of it is because of you.

Tori Amos: The show is very dependent on the people that come to see it.

Tori Amos: I know that because people think if they have their tickets they don't do anything. But that is not how magic happens.

Tori Amos: Alchemy happens because of the relationship

Tori Amos: The songs...that are coming...and what is driving the people to show up.

Moderator: StarfuckerSwirl: Will You be planning on doing a full european tour after your promotions?

Tori Amos: I am not sure. I did not think I was going to do this it was all a bit of a surprise

Tori Amos: things are moving so fast as far as information and hard to project out 6 months.

Tori Amos: I will be in Europe from Mid to end of October probably until beginning of December doing television.

Moderator: bubble: When will the new LP be out in England

Tori Amos: It is out now....

Tori Amos: And I have not released a single there yet, and they will be releasing a different single than US

Moderator: Michael Fellows: Did you ever want to be a vegan?

Tori Amos: I respect people that have that discipline and understand the choice, but I am lioness and sometimes the desire for blood is just too great.

Tori Amos: BUT, I applaud those that make that choice.

Tori Amos: I do think, if you are going to eat meat or anything with a head on it, then it is important that the creature is treated with respect while they are alive.

Tori Amos: and that is a huge problem that we like it or not we have to address and we are being forced to address it, all of us

Tori Amos: I think over the next 10 years a change, because of necessity as opposed to consciousness

Moderator: kimma: "Tori what was your over all thought on the tour with Alanis?"

Tori Amos: Well you have to figure that two separate productions working together is very tricky

Tori Amos: all things considered we both handled it with mutual respect and I grew to like her in a big way.

Tori Amos: Friendship is a very sacred word and I don't throw it around lightly.

Moderator: Delores Quade: Do you write your lyrics in a stream of consciousness?

Tori Amos: ish...sometimes you only get a word or a verse at a time so you have to scope

Tori Amos: for me it is about trying to see who the song is

Tori Amos: what is her character, where does she come from

Tori Amos: it is like doing a character is she grape or grain

Tori Amos: does she wear perfume or only use lotion all these things really matter then you start to get inside her head and see through her eyes


Tori Amos: Yes it is very true.

Tori Amos: the Bull is in Ireland and as far as I know he is doing just fine and that is definitely the sound he makes.

Tori Amos: we sampled him and he is on the CD

Tori Amos: two samples.

Tori Amos: Him doing his male cry and shoveling manure.

Moderator: todd: Tori, can you explain the song "datura"?

Tori Amos: Datura is a hallucinogenic plant and if you put too much of the essence in water it could kill you or give you a great trip, but I have not tried it.

Moderator: joanna17f: Tori: When are you coming to Australia????

Tori Amos: Hi everyone in Autralia I miss you and I think of you a lot and I have great memories from there.

Moderator: kathryn: why didnt you thank the faeries in your new album

Tori Amos: You did not look hard enough, I did...

Tori Amos: you will have to look for them

Tori Amos: They are not intrested in being cliche.

Moderator: unscathed: What is Riot Poof about?

Tori Amos: Riot Poof is an english from a dutch saying that is homosexual reference...

Tori Amos: sort of like a queen

Tori Amos: and one of the guys on the crew came out and I wrote it in honor of him

Moderator: Kimberlee: What is your inspiration to this latest album?

Tori Amos: The title came first

Tori Amos: so a lot of the songs where inspired by venus and since the title was in place a lot of the song almost think of what are the laws of this place

Tori Amos: so there are certain sonic principals that work that are based upon a world we created.

Moderator: Jupiter (Melbourne,: Tori why do you think your music has reached so many young gays?

Tori Amos: I think that gay beings have to work through a lot of projected shame on to them and having been brought up in an extremely Christian home there was a lot of shame sexually and sensually as a woman

Tori Amos: whether you choose to be with the same sex or not, that to me is an extremely personal choice

Tori Amos: but the shaming aspect if you really think about it freedom to express your self sexually

Tori Amos: and to still see yourself a spiritual being is not allowed

Tori Amos: Over the last hundreds of years you were a vessel for the dark side

Tori Amos: opposed to a physical and a spiritual being who was aligning themselves

Tori Amos: with their physical world and their spiritual world we can have both

Moderator: Red: ever heard of Lebanon? would u like to sing in here?

Tori Amos: Of course I have heard of it

Tori Amos: I have friend that wrote a song called "Relax in Lebanon" in the 80's a new wave song

Tori Amos: And I love the food.

Tori Amos: That is always gateway or entry place to a and music

Moderator: mairead: What made you change your mind about going on the internet? Before you never liked it.

Tori Amos: I have been going on for a long time....but I really don't know how to enter it myself.

Tori Amos: I am surrounded by people that have tons of computers.

Tori Amos: Everyone on the tour has a laptop

Tori Amos: and when being surrounded by them, I will ask them...I am into books but I understand the new worlds that are being discovered

Tori Amos: I guess its universes within universes and not formats.

Moderator: Happy_phantom: Do you choose the pictures that are in the singles and albums?

Tori Amos: Yes I do.

Moderator: brybry: I was wondering what was left for you to do now....are you at all interested in producing other artists

Tori Amos: it crosses my mind

Tori Amos: but you know that saying when friends live together and then they wish they haven't

Tori Amos: and then the friendship sours

Tori Amos: that is what it's like

Tori Amos: with somebody that would come in it could be very tricky

Tori Amos: because if they were a brat what am I going to do...I will have to dip them in oil

Tori Amos: I am nervous...I may be too much of a control of freak.

Tori Amos: let me ask Natalie

Tori Amos: Natalie says number one it would seriously depend on the music

Tori Amos: and number two the relationships that I would have with them would have to be really clear

Tori Amos: it does not have to be so cut and dry

Tori Amos: I could write and produce and have a lot of guests come on

Tori Amos: sort of like a rock opera

Tori Amos: only on the network could I use those words

Tori Amos: If I wrote it and produced it then all the other artists came on with characters I could see myself doing that sort of album

Tori Amos: because I am a really a composer first

Tori Amos: I could produce and compose and then see many artists doing this

Tori Amos: like a contemporary Nefertiti poisoning others

Moderator: mark: If you could perform with any other artist who would it be

Tori Amos: Anne Boleyn

Tori Amos: She was one of Henry VIII wives

Tori Amos: and I would call that serious performance off.

Tori Amos: sorry performance art.

Tori Amos: I refer to this in Talula

Tori Amos: the line is

Tori Amos: ran into the henchman, who severed Anne Boleyn he did right quickly a merciful man

Tori Amos: she said one plus one is two and Henry said that it was three so it was here I am....

Tori Amos: Toodles. Horns.

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