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This Morning with Richard and Judy (UK, TV)
daytime TV show on ITV
October 28, 1999

Tori Amos interview and live performance
song: Glory of the 80s

Tori Amos performs Glory of the '80s

Judy: Ok, now Tori Amos, She shot to fame of course after quitting America and settling here in Britain. She actually lives in Cornwall now which is where she recorded her new album. So here's a reminder of her biggest hits.

[Little video snippets of Silent All These Years, Cornflake Girl and the Professional Widow Remix.]

Richard: Which part of America where you from originally?

Tori: North Carolina.

Richard: North Carolina. It's a long way from there to Cornwall.

Tori: A long way, Yeah

Richard: Why'd you settle there?

Tori: My husband, if I wanna see him, I've gotta go to Cornwall.

Judy: Do you miss America?

Tori: Yeah.

Richard: What do you miss about it?

Tori: My Mother...

Judy: Aaaahh.

Tori: She's a great Southern cook.

Judy: I've heard you say though that in LA, everybody is far too uptight but in Britain they tend to be a bit too... um...

Richard: Loose.

Judy: No, a bit too cynical.

Tori: (Nodding) Cynical.

Richard: (Shocked squeeky voice) Are we?!!

Tori: Yeah

Richard: What, generally?

Judy: Well you know what the Americans are like, They're real get up and do aren't they, go do things, anything can be done, where as here we tend to be a bit more...

Richard: Defeatist.

Tori: Yeah, well, Instead of going....Y'know ... That's a Cool car, I want one for myself.A lot of people (TORI DOES A FUNNY ENGLISH ACCENT) 'Lets go wreck it'.

[Richard and Judy laugh.]

Tori: You know what I mean.

Judy: I'm sure there are people in America who do that too.

Tori: They do but they go steal it, They steal the car because they wanna be hot, instead of ruin the people that are hot, go be hot yourself.

Richard: Tell us about the song that you're going to sing for us.

Tori: Um, My days in LA when I would get up and.... I mean I'm sure Judy, you did too in the 80's.I went to 'Retail slut' and got my skull and crossbones and Tank top, before breakfast... and it was a good time.

Judy: It's called Glory of the 80s...

Tori: Yeah it is...

Judy: So is it a complete look back, was it a good time for you?

Tori: Good time , I loved the decadance, I loved it.

Richard: Hmm, You haven't changed a bit, 'cause we first met you in Liverpool when you came up, must have been..., it was when you had 'Cornflake Girl' out... When was that?

Tori: Quite a few years ago. Yeah.

Richard: 1993, about that? You haven't changed a bit.

Tori: Good surgeons.

[Richard and Judy laugh]

Richard: and good Cornish air.

[Richard and Judy say goodbye to the TV audience, telling them what's coming up in future shows]

[transcribed by Darrell Jones]

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