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Samsonic (the Netherlands)
Dutch music magazine
January/February 2000

Love according to Tori Amos

Shivering in her woolen winter coat, although it is at least 26 degrees Celsius in her hotel room, Tori is drinking her cup of "normal" tea. That is an exception because usually she only drinks herbal tea, what fits with the "not grounded" idea many people have about her. Some even claim that she permanent flies 10 km above the ground. Anyhow, she is a master in metaphors and subjects such as demons, fairies, angels and magic are her favorite. But the most she likes to philosophize about love, and she gets a very 'down to the earth' picture of it. "I see a predator. Mmmmmh, it's a lioness. Yes, a lioness who is loving and licking her little cub. The most feared predator, that has the strength to bite through everybody's throat, but at the same time is so careful with her litter. That extremely strong mother instinct, for me that is pure love."

"Lionesses are amazing animals, the guys from the family. They do the hunting, make sure there is meat on the table. The men are only lying in the sun playing with their furry balls. I think it's not very different from the human world, but we leave that aside."

According to Amos women can learn a lot from our animal friends.

"We are supposed to be on top of the civilization... well, if you take a walk in Toys 'R' Us, you will know better."

Shaking her head she takes her coat off. "It suddenly got very warm."

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